Holiday preparations are at their peak, and the decorations are starting to get their final shape. So, while many of us are still confused and lost with so many ideas out there, here is a simple list of effortless ways to create a breathtaking holiday decoration all around one idea: using the chic and timeless golden color that fits any style and looks incredible in any house decór!

Golden Tablescape

Golden Tablescape Christmas Elegant Decor Ideas
Source: Style Estate

The holiday tablescape is the decór that most catches the attention of the guests, and it deserves a full decoration and mix of ideas, to finally create the perfect one. Using a golden color mixed with neutral tones such as white, gray and black creates an elegant effect that will instantly enchant those who gets even a glimpse of it.

Spray Painted Pinecone Garland

Spray Painted Golden Pinecone
Source: The Sweetest Occasion

Pinecones are a must this time of the year, and it’s more than fair than to add them to your holiday decoration, especially if they look as magnificent as these do. You can easily spray paint them with a gold or silver color and hang it on garlands on the mantel, windows, around the Christmas tree, anywhere that is craving a modern touch.

Gold Dipped Holiday Glasses

Golden Dipped Holiday Glasses Christmas
Source: Momtastic

These gold dipped holiday glasses are just perfect for the season. Looks chic, expensive and festive, and the only thing you’ll need to DIY is metallic spray paint, masking tape, newspaper and, of course, wine glasses. This tutorial from Momtastic is detailed and has all the information you need to create these fabulous holiday glasses.

Golden Leaf

Golden Leaf Christmas Decor
Source: homeyou

An easy and elegant way of creating a classy placeholder is by spray painting a leaf, real or faux one, and using a white Sharpie to write the guest’s name. Beautiful and unforgettable! You can also use this idea as gift tags, so you don’t get confused when it’s time to hand out the gifts from under the tree and as an extra way to make the gift memorable!

DIY Gold Ombré Christmas Tree

DIY Golden Ombré Christmas Tree
Source: Lia Griffith

Mini Christmas Trees are always a great way to celebrate the holiday around the house, and this gorgeous DIY from Lia Griffith takes the idea to a whole new level. This gorgeous mini tree looks incredible on its own, but it would also look amazing as part of the centerpiece or along some candles on the mantel.

Golden Candle Holders

Golden Candle Holders
Source: Life With Finger Prints

Candle holders are a must for any decoration: it creates a warm and welcoming environment, making everything feel more cozy and inviting. Don’t forget to add your candlesticks and candle holders to the fun too: use spray paint to give them color or use metallic washi tape to create temporary designs.

Gold Wreath

Golden Wreath Christmas Decor
Source: 100 Layer Cake

A golden wreath just like this one from the photo is a powerful statement piece that instantly becomes the eye-catcher! If you want a more discrete option, you can use a plain green wreath and just add ribbons, golden ornaments, spray painted leaves, whatever you have laying around!

Golden Mantel

Golden Mantel Christmas Decor
Source: Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to go all out. Gold is a color that fits basically any style, and, of course, it looks amazing mixed Christmas green, making it perfect for the season. Set some golden candle holders, mini gold Christmas Trees and arrange gold ornaments and spray painted leaves all around the mantel, on the garlands and on the wreath, creating this sensational effect.

Golden Ornaments

Golden Ornaments Christmas Decor
Source: Factory Direct Craft

Gold ornaments are the perfect colored pieces to make that contrast with the green from the tree. The mix of colors looks gorgeous and makes any room and Christmas setting look much more elegant and beautiful.

Gold Branches

Gold Branches Christmas Decor
Source: PopSugar

Spray painted branches with a golden metallic color make it an instant game changer. Set them around the centerpiece, inside vases, on the mantel, and the pieces will transform the look of the room and make everything feel more elegant, chic and expensive.

How are your holiday preparations going? How do you like these golden ideas? Let us know in the comment section below and check out our Facebook and articles page for more incredible ideas!

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