You would think there isn’t a whole lot you can do when it comes to concrete projects. Sure, you can think for the most obvious picks that come to mind when we say “concrete, things like driveways, pathways, or maybe even sculptures. Pretty complex stuff for the most part.

But what if we could think smaller? Seriously, in practice, most of these projects use a very small amount of cement and may cost you less than $10 in total.

So what can we do with that amount of cement that you can DIY?

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

DIY Cement Planters

cement planters
Cement planters are super easy to do. Source: Molly and the Wolf

The thing about cement is that for all of the projects featured here today, we’re not doing any sculpting – in most cases all we have to do is pour it on a mold and let it dry.

This is essentially the deal here for this awesome cement planter. Of course if you have certain tools you can garnish them a bit and make them more stylized, but there’s no need. This incredible tutorial goes in depth and even shows how you can customize it, so check it out!

An innate advantage of cement planters is how sturdy they are. It would take much more than a mild breeze to topple these bad boys over.

DIY Cement Roses

diy cement roses
Use silicone molds to create cement art! Source: Homesthetics

This one doesn’t need much explanation – you can get the entire thing just by looking at it. Use stylized silicone molds to shape the cement into something cute, and then use it as decoration for your garden or outdoor hangout spot!

Better yet, you don’t have to limit yourself to roses. Basically ANY silicone mold can be turned into something cool, so whatever different molds you find, you can consider!

As an aside, you can later paint it any color you like, although the pure look of cement already sells a nice look!

DIY Cement Stool

diy cement stool
Make your own cement stool! Source: Instructables

Once again a very straight forward project consisting of a simple mold and a few pieces of wood. If successful, you can even repeat the process to get more custom stools and place them wherever you like.

These stools are naturally heavy and sturdy, meaning they will not fall easily, while remaining light enough to be moved around without any issues.

DIY Concrete Coasters

diy concrete coasters
These DIY coasters can be customized! Source: A Piece of Rainbow

Coasters are absolutely incredible – easy to use and they look fantastic over any table. The option to make concrete coasters that you can personalize is even better. As you can imagine by their size, it doesn’t take a lot of cement to get it going, but the best part is that personalizing it is very easy.

You will be customizing early in the process way before it starts to harden, so you don’t have to be pinpoint perfect. It’s easy, relaxing, and the final result speaks for itself!

DIY Concrete Jewelry Dish

diy concrete jewelry dish
Make your own jewelry dish with cement DIY! Source: Pretty Handy Girl

Again, a very similar idea compared to some of the previous entries on this list, but this one is specific to jewelry. We’re looking for a small dish-like construct you can paint and use as a jewelry dish. It looks beautiful and because it’s very solid and quite heavy, it won’t easily topple over and break.

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