If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade. - Tom Peters
Blue curtains against living room furiture
These beautiful teal curtains add a lot to this living room. Via Homeozoic.

Though they’re not usually the first thing we think about when planning out our home decor, window treatments (curtains, shades, etc.) can really pull together the look of a room. They’re great for adding a bit of color and visual interest, along with making sure you have the privacy you need. While there are a ton of options to buy out there, window curtains are unfortunately pretty expensive and involve drilling holes and hanging up curtain rods (which of course add to the price and the time commitment involved).

Are you looking to add curtains without the expense and hassle? Well don’t worry! We’ve got some different options for you to think about that’ll help you decide what kinds of curtains you want and whether you want to install a curtain rod (which you don’t have to do!). So whether you’re looking for a change in your home or you’re trying to decorate your dorm room (or first apartment!), there are options that’ll help your space look fresh and new.

Some Tips When Thinking about Curtains

Living Room Tips: Red Flower curtains
Incorporating the red flowers at the top of these tall curtains pulls in the red of the chair without being too overwhelming. Via Tuban.
  • Window curtains don’t have to be fancy or expensive to look nice. Find something that works for you.
  • Curtains should match the rest of your decor or they’ll take away from the interior design. For instance, you probably wouldn’t use heavy velvet curtains in a rustic-themed room.
  • For rooms with low ceilings, you can install floor-to-ceiling curtains to help the room feel taller/bigger.
  • The texture of the curtains matters just as much as the color.
  • Curtains are as much for design as they are for privacy, so don’t shy away from using both curtains and shades to achieve both the form and function that you want.

DIY Curtain Rod

Tension rod over kitchen countertops
These rustic kitchen curtains are both decorative and functional and were installed with a few small tension rods. Via HGTV.

Especially if you’re living in an apartment where you’re not allowed to drill holes in the walls (or even in a dorm room), you can use a tension rod (the same kind you might use for a shower curtain) in a window, or between two walls in small nook. Not only can you then put up curtains without having to later fix the walls, but you can also have curtains cover only the bottom half of the window for rooms like the bathroom. You get the privacy you need while letting natural light in too.

DIY Curtains with Fabric

Fabric curtains for interior design
This homeowner chose to use fabric with a red print for a decorative touch. Via HGTV.

Here’s a secret: you don’t actually have to use curtains to cover the windows - any material you like that fits will do! You can buy fabric and sew curtains yourself, if you want, or you can simply use this DIY no-sew method for making the perfect accents to any home decor. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper too!

DIY Curtains with Beaded Strand

Boho Chic living room interior design options
These boho chic curtains could be made with fabric or beads, or a combination of both. 

You know those hanging beads you sometimes see hanging in doorways? They actually make great pieces in front of windows. Not only do they add color and fun design to your room, but they provide some medium of privacy without shutting out the natural light behind them. Plus, you can separate and pull them to each side (or all to one side) when you want the window open. Find a set you like or create your own with beads you love!

DIY Curtains with Hooks

Hook curtains over your kitchen glass window
Incorporating the red flowers at the top of these tall curtains pulls in the red of the chair without being too overwhelming. Via Tuban.

This method is great for dorm rooms especially, along with spaces where you don’t want to drill into the walls and a tension rod won’t fit. Use Command Hooks or similar, removable hooks to either hold up a curtain rod or secure the curtains themselves without a rod. You can use big or small hooks, and there are decorative options and clear options depending on if you’ll want to see the hooks.

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