There’s nothing better than starting the summer with an amazing DIY that will make the season even better. And what if this DIY only involved $40 for supplies and a busted refrigerator? Jump on in and check out this awesome rustic cooler refrigerator tutorial that will make your outdoor backyard gatherings unforgettable!

Diy Rustic Cooler
Image Source: Instructables

Instructables member Matt2 Silver came up with a brilliant tutorial that amazes everyone. He found a way to turn his broken refrigerator into an amazing rustic cooler that not only looks good, but is also super useful for any outdoor backyard gatherings, especially summer parties.

This is one of the coolest DIY home projects for the summer, and it’s also super cheap to make. You’ll only need $40 for supplies, standard tools (nothing special required), and a free weekend, and you’ll be able to turn your old busted refrigerator into an awesome backyard cooler. If you lack the broken fridge, you can find one for cheap on Craigslist, or maybe even one for free, only requiring you to go pick it up.

Diy rustic cooler
Image Source: Instructables 

Here are the steps:

  • Dismantle the fridge - take out screws, shelves, electronics, and wires
  • Break down some wood pallets and cut them to the correct length for the outside of the fridge
  • Cover the tops and sides of the fridge with the reclaimed wood strips
  • Add a base and casters to make it portable
  • Add rope catches on the sides (so you don’t need to worry about the lids opening too far)

You can also consider adding a small chalkboard to write the party menu on. After that, you’re done! Your awesome new rustic cooler is ready to add fun to your summer gatherings.

DIY rustic cooler
Image Source: Instructables

You can check out the tutorial for this large rustic cooler over at Instructables!

And if you think this rustic cooler is a little too big for your gatherings, Youtube user Elliott R made a similar version with an old mini fridge, which is perfect for those with a smaller backyard.

Diy rustic cooler
Image Source: Youtube 

Isn’t this mini fridge cooler perfect for your deck or patio? The process to make this smaller cooler is very similar, and you can check out the tutorial here or below!

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