The spice rack may be the most overlooked and underappreciated part of the kitchen. Despite the fact that it contains the things that literally make food taste good, we usually pay little or no attention to our spices outside of the dish they’re going into. Interestingly enough, even if your mom enjoys cooking, chances are she’s overlooking her spice rack, too.

This year, surprise Mom with a beautiful, hand-made spice rack for her kitchen! We’ve included racks inspired by various decors and styles, but as always we encourage you be creative and make something that your Mom will love.

EAT all the DIY spice racks! Easy woodworking for the home interior
DIY kitchen spice rack HGTV

The Classiest Spice Rack Ever

For those of us who enjoy a classical French or Catalan style of kitchen decor, the spice shelf is the way to go. A simple DIY, this particular rack is made with shelves screwed onto a backing, and embellished with a piece of decorative molding. For an even easier DIY, you could just buy a shelving unit in the appropriate color and glue the decorative molding on with a super strong adhesive. This project is so simple, you don’t even need a step by step DIY!

DIY cooking storage units in your kitchen or dining room
Kitchen spice storage Freckled Laundry

Wire And Nail System

This is another solution so simple it doesn’t require a DIY guide. Simply drive nails (or even attach adhesive-backed hooks) at even spaces on the wall. Next, wrap spice jar rims with wire and create a loop for them to hang from. The result is a modern and beautiful solution to Mom’s spice storage sorrows.

DIY repurposed tins above the oven appliances
DIY repurposed oven spice rack Mod Vintage Life

Hi Ho Silver

The third project in our series is just as easy as the first two. Scour local secondhand shops and flea markets for silver plated or pewter serving platters, glue a shelf in the middle, and use screws to secure the finished product to the wall. Voila! You’ve got a refined and elegant spice storage solution with minimal fuss and expense.

Spices all around the kitchen with this DIY project
Easy wooden spice rack Jaybird

Country Simplicity

This classic interpretation of a spice rack works really well in its unpainted state for country themed kitchens. If you’re using another theme, simply paint the finished rack appropriate colors to match the rest of the room. You could also use brass corner pieces to make this handmade piece really stand out.

Easy DIY pallet idea in the kitchen
DIY pallet rack Instructables

Make It Pallet-able

This is easily our favorite on the list. In addition to being eco friendly and upcycled, this project is incredibly easy and basically free. In the unpainted state, the rack reflects the light hearted simplicity of a country kitchen. For a more refined look, add a coat of high-gloss paint that matches Mom’s kitchen. This project also allows for maximum flexibility, which means you can really tailor the project to suit Mom’s kitchen. You could also use deeper shelves and create an attractive storage area for stemware or glassware.

Modern custom kitchen spice rack
Modern kitchen rack in The Kitchn

The Ultra Modern Rack

If Mom’s kitchen leans more toward the modern theme, this is the ideal rack for her. The simplicity and sleek look are made even better by the fact that this “rack” is super easy to clean. Since it’s literally made of steel, it’ll also last virtually forever. It also provides extra hanging space for photos and magnets that don’t fit on the fridge.

Magnetic attraction makes the kitchen more attractive
Magnets, how do they work? Instructables

Magnetic Redux

This is the second magnetic DIY on our list, but this one offers the added advantage of being mounted to the underside of cabinets. That way, you’re maximizing available space while still securing an attractive storage alternative.

These DIY spice racks are the perfect gift for the mom that loves to cook. Keep in mind though that these racks don’t have to be just for spices - you could adjust the depth of the shelves to fit pictures, shot glasses, or even gardening tools. Whatever you decide to put on them, just make sure the rack fits Mom’s decor. If it does, she’ll have an amazing and custom built space for whatever it is she needs to store.

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