Summer isn’t over yet! There’s still time to enjoy the warm weather, and to do so, you need a cooler! What better way to keep your drinks cold than with a cooler you made yourself? These three DIY cooler ideas are fun to make and they make a great project to work on during your weekend! If you ever wondered how to make a homemade cooler box, this is the article for you!

”Craft is part of the creative process.” - Gavin Bryars

Dry Ice Cooler

This cooler is so pretty and perfect to keep your gelato cool!
This cooler is so pretty and perfect to keep your gelato cool! Image source: Brit + CO

Such a cute, simple project to make in an afternoon! This DIY cooler is also long-lasting and will probably accompany you during lots of summers that are still to come.

These are the materials you need:

  • Cooler
  • Webbing ribbon
  • Velcro stickers
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Styrofoam
  • Pencil

You can find the instructions at Brit + CO, where the original creator of this project gives you a step-by-step with amazing photos!

Blue Awesome Cooler

Awesome personalized blue cooler!
Awesome personalized blue cooler! Image source: Birds and Soap

This cooler is really unique and awesome! It was originally an DIY gift idea for Father’s Day, but it can be a treat for the whole family too. Birds and Soap gives you an amazing tutorial - with all the materials and measurements you need to successfully make it!

Wooden Cooler for Patio

Wood is very resistant to the heat of the sun!
Wood is very resistant to the heat of the sun! Image source: Home Repair Tutor

Even though this project might end up being a bit over the budget, wood is very resistant to the heat of the sun - therefore perfect for making a DIY cooler box! It’s definitely worth it, but it’s up to you to decide, check out the materials and instructions at Home Repair Tutor!

More than that:

Check out this awesome video presented by DIY Pete teaching you all you need to know on how to build your own cooler box!

Easy Cooler

So easy to make and perfect for hot days!
So easy to make and perfect for hot days! Image source: Make:

The YouTube channel Make: teaches you a very easy way to learn how to make a cooler from scratch! The idea behind this design is that you can fit the whole pack of soda in there right out of the fridge, without even needing to add loads of ice into the box!

The basics to build a cooler box like this one are:

  • A insulation layer to keep the drinks cold - which can include foam or bubble wrap.
  • Two waterproof layers to keep the cooler sealed - the best kinds are thin plastics such as vinyl.
  • A way to be opened and close - either velcro or zippers.

More awesome DIY projects for you:

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