You love your dog(s). So it’s important to keep your puppers safe when the pool season is open. Therefore you can take measures to ensure that your dogs are well-equipped for pool activities. This can be as simple as making ramps for your pets or as complex as rigging a swimming aid system. Or you can just have your own dog pool set up personally for your dogs.

“I only really and truly fully relax on my own. Give me a sun lounger, a pool and a sea view, and I'm happy.” - Miranda Hart

Make Pool Time Fun

This baby blue cool pup is ready for the pool
Here's how to help your pooch stay cool in the summer. Source: YouTube

Swimming is a great way to improve your dog’s health. It’s a great, low-impact form of exercise that can greatly benefit animals and humans alike. You can be constantly making your pool more dog friendly by incorporating great activities for pets. Here are some activities you can do with your pets in the pool. Choose one or all of these fun games.

  • Play “fetch”
  • Play “fetch,” but by jumping into the water
  • Keep your pet on a surfboard
  • Play “monkey in the middle”
  • Diving for an object that sinks (only in shallow water)

Walk-In Access

For many pools you can eliminate the need for a pet to jump in by simply installing a ramp. Or if you have a larger dog, a kiddie pool can suffice as a personalized pet pool. In any case, installing a pet ramp can cut down on the list of possible accidents that can occur when a quadruped attempts to get in a pool meant for humans. Dog friendly swimming pools are great for neighborhoods with many canine companions. Not only will an above ground pool dog ramp help your pet enter and exit a pool, but it will also give any random animals that accidentally fall in a way out.

Dog Friendly Swimming Pools

A doggie pool is perfect for keeping fido cool this summer.
Here's a great way for your pup to cool down. Source: The Gadget Flow

But what is the best dog friendly swimming pool material? The answer is simple: fiberglass. Vinyl pools can be scratched and permanently damaged by paws. The liner simply won’t hold up. Gunite pools have the opposite effect, in that they can damage your pooch’s paws. Fiberglass is the right material for any pet with paws. Fiberglass is the only real dog proof pool liner.

Is Chlorine Safe for Dogs?

Yes! The simple answer is that chlorine is no more damaging to a dog than to a human. The only thing you’ll want to be aware of is that your doggo needs regular purified water as well, especially during hot summer days. So keep a bowl of water nearby to keep your pooch hydrated in the summer heat. Otherwise when it comes to making your pool more dog friendly you don’t have to worry about chlorine.

Safety Covers Are Necessary

You know this dog has some tricks
With some luck and training, your dog can take to the pool as well. Source: Imgur

Many pets love to play in the backyard. Unfortunately, many animals also do not always understand where the yard ends and the pool begins. For this reason, you’ll need to invest in a pool safety cover. A safety cover is different than a regular pool cover because the word “safety” means that the cover should be able to support the weight of one child and two full-grown adults. This really helps to dog proof swimming pools. Just be sure that there are no gaps in between the edge and the cover.

Install Some Ledges or Benches

When your four furry feet don’t touch the bottom of the pool, it’s a constant effort to stay afloat in the water. To remedy this, consider adding or installing some spots for your dog to seek refuge. Simply having a more shallow area where your pet can rest will really help out if they’ve been doggie paddling all day in the sun. This will go a long way in creating dog friendly swimming pools.

Clean the Fur

Surf's up for this pup
The dog days of summer. Source: Feelgrafix

Is you dog prone to shedding? Simply turn up the function of your pool’s pump to help filter the fur out. It’ll keep the water cleaner and more pure, plus if your dog really sheds, they’ll need that debris to be removed as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye Out

In short, most swimming pools can be turned into dog friendly pools. The important part is to be aware of when your dog is in the pool. Unfortunately, as with humans, the signs of drowning are often very silent and require constant observation. But as long as you’re digilant, your doggo can enjoy many summers of swimming fun.

Looking to keep your pooch safe for the summer? Want to get some more tips on how to make your pool safer for pets? Get a free quote from our pros today!

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