Spring cleaning is a great project to start the new season with an organized home, but it involves so many tasks it can be easy to forget some important bits. 

Even with a spring cleaning checklist in hand, the whole process is a little time consuming, which can lead to homeowners only crossing out what they consider the most important parts and waving their hands at the rest.

Keep reading to learn some things we tend to “forget when spring cleaning, but that definitely need attention! 

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. – Helen Keller

Lights fixtures and lamps

You’d be forgiven for not cleaning these things very often, since they’re usually out of reach or even hard to tell if they’re dirty at all unless you get a closer look. But lamps tend to accumulate bugs and dust inside, while light fixtures make home to cobwebs.

Be careful when cleaning and consider bringing something to protect your eyes from falling dust. If you do decide to clean your fixtures and lamps, do that before cleaning the room itself, so you’ll already gather whatever dust falls later!

Knobs and handles

Now more than ever it’s crucial to give some attention to your door knobs and other handles. 

We’ve discussed it before but it’s important to remember: with the pandemic situation we have to take some extra measures at home to prevent the coronavirus from ever reaching our families. 

Especially if you’ve been to the market, pharmacy, or anywhere outdoors recently, be sure to clean high-touch surfaces around the house regularly – and that includes door knobs and handles.

Top of windows, door frames, and cabinets

These are places that often go untouched for the same reason as lamps and light fixtures – you have to go out of your way to even see them, so most of the time it’s easier to pretend that what you can’t see can’t harm you.

But that accumulating dust can most certainly harm you, compromising your indoor air quality and increasing allergies. Once again, take some time to clean the top of cabinets, but also door and window frames. It won’t take long, but it will be less dust circulating through your home’s air!

Under rugs

No matter how well we clean our homes, dirt always accumulates under the rug and that can lead to a huge mess over time… and also respiratory problems. 

Lift the rug and clean under it carefully. If you have the time, take the opportunity to shake it outside and vacuum for a perfect cleansing ritual!


Grouts tend to get yellow or darker over time which can make for a visual nuisance, but that’s not the worst – since grouts are porous, they can absorb humidity and make home for mold and bacterias.

Luckily you can clean your grout without much trouble for a visual lift, but if they’re really showing their age by now, you can consider regrouting.

Vents and ducts

Replacing filters is the most basic step when caring for your HVAC system, but dust can enter your vents from other places too. In fact, areas that are not properly sealed can not only let dust in, but also bacterias, viruses and small animals.

Be sure to inspect your vents and even hire a professional if you have any fears regarding your HVAC system. Since now we’re staying home for way longer due to social distancing, your home needs constant clean air!

Keyboards and computer screens

In line with our coronavirus measures, cleaning your keyboards and computer screens should also be done regularly. These devices are in contact with our hands basically the entire day, so while naturally it would already be a good idea to keep these clean, now it’s even more important for safety reasons.


Smartphones have their own category because our phones accompany us almost everywhere – from a trip to our own bathroom to a trip to the local market, they never leave us… and therein lies the reason you should clean them as well. 

Sanitizing your hands is great and always recommended, but it would be pointless to wash your hands thoroughly only to immediately pick your phone which could be contaminated.


Contrary to some of our previous topics, curtains aren’t known for accumulating germs or needing constant sanitizing. In fact, because they often take in natural sunlight, they’re usually pretty clean – but they can still accumulate some unwanted dust and lose color over time. Simply taking them down for a dust and wash should be enough!

Welcome mat

For now it’s recommended to keep your shoes at the door anyway to prevent bringing a virus home with you, so the same logic applies to your welcome mat. In fact, for the moment it’s probably better to retire it – clean it if you haven’t already and keep it safe for when all this blows through.

Running short on time to clean the house? Consider hiring a cleaning service in your area to do it for you! 


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