Types of Doors

While nailing down a price and style can be difficult, for the most part doors tend to break up into the following categories:

  • Panel door

    Panel door

  • Flush door

    Flush door

  • French door

    French door

  • Pocket door

    Pocket door

  • Bifold door

    Bifold door

  • Bypass door

    Bypass door

  • Windowed door

    Windowed door

  • Storm door

    Storm door

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Closet Doors

These tend to be a little bit more gaudy than your average door, especially so when mirrors are involved (1 ). Often leading into a walk-in closet, these doors can feature sliding capabilities, folding abilities, and even some stylish add ons. If you have a walk-in closet these are the perfect door features for your home. Any door repair you may need over the years is just a phone call away.

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Custom Doors

Just as the name implies, custom doors are whatever you want them to be. Sometimes this can be a barn door fit to your interior, and sometimes this can be a lavish wood sculpture etched into your front door. Custom doors literally come in and shape and style you can imagine, and pet sized doors are also applicable. Consider the following features for your home:

  • Iron handle
  • Etched wood
  • Pet entrance
  • Metal grates
  • Carpentry design
  • Oval glass
  • Nautical ideas
  • Personalized locker

Not all maid services charge the same amount to clean your home, so be sure to get a few different estimates from different service providers to find one that will fit your budget. Some companies charge by the hour, some by the number of rooms, and some by the square footage.

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Double Doors

Making a strong appearance as an exterior model and creating a classy environment as an interior option, double doors are a viable way to bring style and sometimes privacy to your home. Furthermore, more modern models are completely weatherstripped, causing the unit to be perfectly sealed and save you money on heating and cooling costs (2).

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Exterior Doors

Anything on the outside of your home that is a door is essentially an exterior entrance/exit. These exterior doors can be elegantly lavish or practically nondescript, depending on your home's looks and the application of the door itself. For example, high traffic areas can stand to have a little extra personality to make an impression on guests. However the back door that nobody uses can just be an affordable and economic purchase.

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French Doors

While technically considered double doors, French doors earn a distinguished spot on this list because of their popularity and design. Also, French doors do no slide, they always open out (3). This means you can easily use French doors to create a bigger room simply by opening them. Perfect for patios, French doors can also be found on decks, porches, and even interior rooms as well.

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Front Doors

Usually made of wood, front doors come in a wide range of different styles and designs. Because they're the first impression of many homes, these kinds of doors are a little more ornate and eye-catching, as well. Special care is taken to make sure these models are more energy efficient than their interior counterparts (4). These are your typical entrance doors.

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Glass Doors

Just as the name implies, glass doors are doors that have a unique glass feature in them. This can be mostly, glass, a window in the door, or some other sort of feature. Where glass doors really shine is their customization. You can have them etched, colored, blurred, and some even protect against UV rays from sunlight (5). The amount of glass options truly is staggering, try out some of the following:

  • Opaque glass
  • Blurred glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Vertical blinds
  • Wooden shutters
  • Privacy shades
  • Honeycomb shears
  • Roll-up cloth blinds
  • Stylized etching
  • Painted designs
  • Foggy glass
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Hurricane Doors

Also known as hurricane impact doors, these particularly strong and stable doors were created with the express intention of shielding a home from adverse conditions. Hurricane doors can defend against high winds, rough rain, the occasional burglar, and of course, hurricanes themselves. Some models can withstand winds at up to 110 mph (6).

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Impact Doors

Along the same idea as hurricane doors, impact glass doors are more geared towards a general resistance to shock and trauma. While still being quite handy against the elements, impact doors are focused on ease of entry in high traffic areas (7).

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Iron Doors

The classic and luxurious iron front doors look fantastic and are quite the impressive safety feature. Not only do they make an immediate (and slightly intimidating) first impression, but they are far more difficult to break into. Use iron doors when you want your home to impress and be made impenetrable (8). The following short list is of the pros and cons to owning an iron door.

  • Pros
    1. Impressive
    2. Safe
    3. Durable
  • Cons
    1. Expensive
    2. Difficult to install
    3. Rust
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Patio Doors

For an added bonus feature involving your outdoor patio, have a lavish doorway installed to lead out to it. This idea works especially well with French doors, being able to open a whole new room up with just a push.

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Security Doors

For privacy and home defence, consider installing security doors to your home. Usually made of metal and usually a grate, security doors are commonly found on shops located in rough neighborhoods. These models are designed either to be drawn up or simply unlocked for entrance. There is a hefty guarantee that this will make the home/workplace safer, accompanied with a governmental documentation (9).

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