To finish up our preparations for Easter we have to talk about all the fun activities you can organize with the kids at home. There are many awesome ideas for you to try, and besides, you don’t have to pick just one. With these in mind, you can plan a whole day or two full of exciting Easter activities for everyone to enjoy!

There’s probably a whole lot more you can do as well, but I figured I should keep it simple. So these are my picks for the best Easter activities you can do with the kids without much in the way of preparation necessary.

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Easter egg hunt

Perhaps the most classic Easter activity in history, and it’s super easy to set up and have fun!

The idea is simple: you will hide Easter eggs around your property, perhaps in the backyard or even indoors in certain key places, and let the kids go out and try to find all of them.

Of course you can adapt this to your liking. It doesn’t have to be eggs, it can be any piece of candy you’d like to give the kids. Or, if your kids are a bit older and you want to make it more interesting, you can pick some of the most obvious places and instead hide a tip for the actual location of the “treasure.

When they find all of them (or when they can’t find any more) you can reward them the big prize for the hunt: a large chocolate Easter egg! It’s incredibly fun, interactive, and engaging for everyone involved, making this one of the best holiday games!

Gross jelly beans

If you’ve never played the gross jelly bean game… you’re in luck.

But jokes aside, it’s actually hilariously fun – so much so that even adults like to play. The idea is to purchase one or more boxes of jelly beans that contain “gross flavours mixed with the good ones (like the Bean Boozled brand). So you pour them all in a bowl and each participant has to pick one at random and chew it without looking, trying to guess what flavour it is.

The gross flavours include but are not limited to stuff like old cheese, sour milk, boogar, rotten egg, dog food, etc. But the tasty ones include blueberry, cotton candy, peach, strawberry, butter popcorn… except you never know if you’re getting a tasty or gross one, so the suspense is always there!

If you don’t want to indulge in anything gross though, there’s a simpler jelly bean game you can play: simply gather regular jelly beans and try to guess the color without looking. Some say they taste different, some say they don’t, but you can have fun trying to guess with the kids!

Spoon race

The egg spoon race is another classic game that’s super easy to replicate on the fly, minimal preparation required.

The idea is to organize a short race but with a twist: the participants have to arrive at the finish line holding an egg on a spoon without dropping it. If they drop it, they have to return to the starting line and start over. Whoever reaches the finish line with the egg still on the spoon is the winner!

The spoon can be held by hand to make it easier if you have younger children, but you can make it a bit more challenging by having to hold the spoon with their mouths.

To make things less messy you can hard boil a few eggs for this Easter activity in order to prevent a huge mess in case they let it fall!

Gardening with the family

The start of Spring is a great time to start an outdoor garden project, so why not take this opportunity to teach the kids a bit about gardening too?

Outdoor gardening is a great hobby and it’s especially healthy for children – we live in such a technology fueled world that it’s often difficult to experience a bit more of nature. In case you want to start your gardener journey this Spring, take this moment to also teach the kids a bit about plants and how to care for them!

Chocolate fondue

The beauty of a chocolate fondue – besides the fact that it’s a chocolate fondue – is that it can be experienced totally indoors. Might seem like a minor perk, but hey, maybe it’s raining. Maybe it’s still really cold outside where you live. Maybe you live in an apartment and a patio isn’t a thing.

But you can still bust out a fondue maker to enjoy chocolate treats with the family while you watch a movie or just relax during the holiday. Who needs more than that?

DIY egg painting

Kids love painting! Experimenting with colors and exercising creativity is super important for children and this activity encourages both with staying on theme for Easter.

For this you will need a whole lot of empty egg shells. Hard boiled eggs are also an option, but are less ideal because they’re easier to break due to their weight and they cannot be kept as souvenirs, you would have to get rid of them eventually once playtime is over. 

So ideally, you can opt for plastic eggs that allow for painting, or empty egg shells broken only at the very bottom – to make sure you don’t waste a bunch of eggs, you can use them for some omelettes or a frittata, for example.

Then, just give the kids a few watercolor paints and a brush, and watch them go wild.

Always stay close though, you want to make sure they’re not ingesting paint or pieces of egg shell!

Point game

A simple hula hoop game that rewards skill. Source: Good Housekeeping
A simple hula hoop game that rewards skill. Source: Good Housekeeping

This is very similar to a carnival game. You can set up areas on the floor using something like hula hoops (but anything similar will do) – one closer, one in the middle, and one far away. The closest one is worth less points and the furthest is worth more.

Then you can give the kids a limited number of plastic eggs and see if they can score the most points. Simple, fun, and the kids will love it!

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