The entryway is an underrated portion of your home that can work wonders for making it more welcoming and practical, both for you and any guests that may visit you.

Most of the time when it comes to entryway decor ideas we’re trying to be practical while embellishing at the same time. The entryway is often a very small space, so we don’t have a lot of room to add whatever we want, but that’s not a problem. What matters is being precise and focusing on what will make it more comfortable, convenient and beautiful.

Keep reading to learn more about how to decorate your entryway and keep it practical! 

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." – Aesop

Shoe rack

One of the most typical additions to an entryway, a shoe rack is practical and cute at the same time. It gives an immediate sense of organization to the place and allows for easy storing of family shoes, either for when you leave again or just for picking up and cleaning.

Combine that with an umbrella rack and coat rack and the space is all set!

Coat rack

Speaking of which, the coat rack is another obvious but extremely practical addition. We all have that habit of throwing our coats somewhere anyway (usually a rogue chair) so why not give them a proper place?

It’s convenient, easy to remember, and prevents situations where you don’t know where your coat is on the way out.


A charming doormat goes a long way to make your home feel more, well, home-y. You can find tons of variety here too, for the ever classic “Home Sweet Home to pop culture references, down to abstract patterns that suit your home’s decor.

Oh yeah, and you can use it to clean your shoes before going in.


Potted plants

Potted plants are always a nice addition as we’ve mentioned numerous times around here, and they fit your entryway just as well. Small or large, indoor or outdoors, there’s enough variety that you can find the perfect plant to match and complement the space. 


Good lighting can change the mood of any room in your house. The entryway should have proper lighting both outdoors and indoors, helping you in a practical way to just get home comfortably and find the keyhole without any problems.

There’s nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark, especially when you’re in a hurry to get inside!

Accent wall

Painting the walls involves a lot of planning and usually homeowners tend to steer away from bold color choices, at least when it comes to the whole package. But accent walls – a single wall painted in a different color – can work really well to create contrast and visual interest.

And the entryway is a great place for accent walls. You can try a bold color choice to really highlight the importance of this transitional room, giving it an extra edge against the rest of your walls.

Sitting space

A bench or a chair is the perfect addition to the space. Source: The Spruce
A bench or a chair is the perfect addition to the space. Source: The Spruce

While the entryway isn’t exactly the sort of place you sit down to relax and hangout, it does have a practical use that’s very underrated: taking off your shoes!

This is especially useful if you like wearing boots or other shoes that are hard to put on and off while standing, so a sitting area is perfect for that. Besides, when you start decorating the entryway, adding a bench or a chair is an easy way to fill the space and make it look more complete and less empty. 


A mirror is very practical on the entryway. Source: HGTV
A mirror is very practical on the entryway. Source: HGTV

Might seem like a minor addition, but a mirror in the entryway has two major purposes: first, it makes what is usually a cramped room feel a bit bigger. The mirror adds a “fake dimension that expands the space and that’s neat.

Second, it’s also the perfect spot for checking yourself out before leaving. How many times have you left and thought to yourself “Oops, I didn’t even look at myself in the mirror before leaving!

Now you can glance to the side, check yourself and move on with your day without worrying if you have something on your teeth or if your hair looks good. 


We all lost our keys at some point and that usually happens because we don’t have a proper key rack in our entryway. Set one up and stick to the habit of hanging your keys there. You also have the option to have a key bowl, but either way, your keys will always be easy to find from now on!

Fancy wreath

And of course, to round up your entryway decor from the outside, consider adding a fancy wreath to your door! It’s a simple way to add some charm and can seasonally change to match holidays and other special events, making it always dynamic and interesting.

Need some help to install a mirror, a key rack, and other small projects around the house? Contact a local handyman and request a free quote! 


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