There are few things worse than dealing with annoying neighbors. Though you might move to a new home and find that your neighbors are less than friendly, you also risk someone on your block selling to new owners who don't treat you well. 

That’s why it’s so important to know how to deal with the situation, so you can have quality of life and be able to love coming home again! 

“Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you." – Les Brown

Check Codes

One of the worst types of neighbors is the person who loves to take over the entire street. They might leave an RV parked in the middle of the block or use valuable street parking for their cars while leaving their driveway open. 

If you need some of those parking spots or just don't want to deal with them taking control, check your local codes. You might find that your neighbor violates an ordinance, which means that you can contact the authorities for help. Many cities have ordinances in place regarding everything from the way a house can look to quiet hours at night.

Say No

Do you have a neighbor who constantly borrows things and then forgets to bring them back? It can start out slowly with something as basic as a pot or pan and move up to bigger things such as lawn tools. While it's possible that the person simply forgot to return those items, some people borrow with no intention of returning their items. 

The easiest thing to do is tell the person no. You can always say that you don't have what they want or that you need it. If a neighbor always asks for gardening tools, just let them know that you want to start a new garden. You may even let them know when local stores have sales on those tools.

Drop Hints

Bad neighbors often include those who want to stop by often and chat for far too long. You might find that they come by every time they see you outside, even if you're just returning from the grocery store. Dropping hints is an easy way to establish boundaries. 

Simply tell the neighbor that you have other things to do and don't have time to talk. This can range from needing to make a phone call to grabbing a hot dish out of the oven. If that fails, you may need to tell them flat out that you don't want to talk.

Take a Step Back

Many people have at least one neighbor who loves to complain about anything and everything. This can include the weather outside and the mail person to politics and television shows. It may even seem as though you can't spend time outside without them coming over to complain. 

Now is a good time to take a step back. You can tell the person that you have other things to do and don't have time to talk. They will eventually get the message that you don't want to listen to their complaints.

Make a Deal

The condition of the homes on your block affects property values. If you have annoying neighbors who never clean or take care of their homes, you may notice a significant reduction in your property values. 

While talking to them isn't always an option, you can suggest a deal. You might tell them that you found a discount on a landscaper and want to know if they want to split it with you. The same idea works with pros such as roofers and painters, too. Not only does it solve your problem, but it won't make your neighbor feel bad. 

Age and illness are just two reasons why your neighbor might let their house go over the years, so it doesn’t hurt to help out so you two can reach an agreement. 

Talk to Them

When learning how to handle bad neighbors, consider just talking to them. How would you feel if you learned that someone on your block had a problem with you and told everyone else without talking to your first? You would probably feel upset and maybe even a little angry. 

No matter what type of problem you have, you can talk to your neighbor and try to come up with a solution. Whether you have a neighbor who lets his dog bark all day while he's at work or one who leaves her mail piled up by the front door, just talk to them. They may be much nicer and understanding than you expect.

You might consider leaving an anonymous letter, too. If they do not take steps to remedy the problem, then you can have a long conversation.

You don't need to look up tips on how to annoy neighbors to get back at them. When your neighbors drive you nuts, you can always find better and easier ways to handle them and any problems that you encounter.

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