Following the harshness of Winter, Spring is a vastly more pleasant season for your home. The weather is great for starting or revitalizing your garden, as well as revamping your outdoor spaces. After all, Summer is right around the corner and you can already prepare now for quite a few months of outdoor joy!

But as per custom, we may have to focus on some Spring home improvement projects to repair some of the damage suffered during the last season, which will help you a lot throughout the season. COVID is still an issue, but nothing is stopping you from enjoying Spring from the comfort of your own patio, right?

So, let’s get to the best Spring projects you should focus on for this season!

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Inspect your home

Getting a home inspection is always a good idea at least once a year, but it’s particularly useful right after the winter. Winter is the season we have to protect our houses from the most, since the extreme cold can cause pipes to burst, paint to chip, foundation to crack and even your roof to break, just to name a few issues.

The inspection is simply a way to measure any possible damage and how to repair it before it gets any worse. The inspection may show that nothing is wrong, which is great news! But most of the time it will flag what you need to pay attention to or what needs immediate repair. This is the best way to start your Spring home projects.

Check out our guide on Spring home maintenance to know more!

Start a garden

What better time than Spring to start your own garden? You can always go for low-maintenance indoor plants like succulents to get a feel for it and then move up a bit with a mini-garden outdoors. If shade is an issue, there are many plants that can grow in the shade too.

If you’re looking for Spring DIY home projects, gardening is a great hobby to embrace. It’s relaxing, rewarding, and most of it can be done DIY-style, at your own pace.

I highly recommend opting for native plants to your region so that they’re easier to grow and maintain, as well as talking to a landscaping pro if you want to create something a bit more complex with proper guidance.

Privacy fence

Your backyard is an excellent spot to hangout and chill, caring for your garden, taking in the sun, or sipping tea in the afternoon. But a privacy fence can really add to the experience because it gives you the freedom to be there without worrying about the neighbors watching you.

And this isn’t about “pesky neighbors, maybe your neighbors are good people! But we all want to enjoy some privacy, especially when trying to relax. A privacy fence or screen can give you exactly that.

Resealing your deck

Your deck will most likely be your main outdoor space to enjoy the following seasons at home, but right after winter, it may need some proper maintenance.

This might be the perfect time to reseal your deck. The process is fairly simple and serves to protect your deck from humidity, keeping it safe and looking good for longer. Basically, if your deck isn’t sealed, it will absorb water, which can lead the wood to mold and rot over time.

Power washing exterior

Power washing your exteriors is an awesome project for Spring, because after the snow and frost of winter, you can finally show off your home in its full splendor. This goes well with the incredible effectiveness of power washing.

If you’re not aware, power washing can be used to quickly clean siding, concrete, roofing, decks, and windows. And in some cases the difference is staggering. This makes power washing a simple, inexpensive and effective project for Spring that will give you basically instant results.

Learn more about the benefits of power washing!

Check your foundation

Your foundation always needs some degree of attention, but it’s important to take a closer look at it right after the winter.

If you have leaks in the basement, for example, that can cause water to freeze during winter and therefore contract the concrete. When it unfreezes it will expand again, and this forceful change in matter will often lead to dangerous foundation cracks.

As you can probably imagine, due to the weight of the entire structure, constant changes in temperature and perhaps even tremors depending on where you live, this can cause your foundation to crack even more… 

And a general rule is that cracks don’t fix themselves, they only get worse. So get them fixed before they spread! 

Lawn care

And speaking of things that take a hit during the winter, the lawn will surely need some attention now that Spring is here. You should be on the lookout for potential dead spots to repair as well as general lawn care regarding the color and density of the grass.

Ready to start your Spring projects? Get free quotes today for a full home inspection from pros in your area!


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