The perfect spot to serve up some delicious family dinner is on granite countertops. Granite is a sturdy material that will last for lifetimes and is easy to maintain. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating in the USA or in Canada, granite countertops make for the best space. Serve up some nice hot food over these countertops every Holiday .

“I was introduced to the Turducken in New Orleans. And it wasn't Thanksgiving. Glenn at the Gourmet Butcher Block brought it by, and I had never heard of it or had seen one, and they put it in the booth, and it smelled so good that I had to taste it. And it was good. Then Thanksgiving came, and we got one in addition to the traditional turkey.” - John Madden

Easy to Clean

The best in the granite countertop game
Serving on granite countertops. Source: Digital Trends

Granite is so easy to wipe clean and disinfect, that it may be the easiest countertop to do so. Many spills can be easily wiped off with a paper towel or microfiber. Be gentle with the material and be sure to clean up anything acidic quickly. When you’re envisioning your countertops, pictures of granite countertops with backsplash come to mind. In this case the backsplash would be the hardest thing to clean (in between the grout).


  • Seal your granite
  • Watch for acidic foods
  • Use dish soap
  • Use granite polish
  • Wipe spills off fast

Seal the Granite

One way to keep that turkey juice from doing any harm to your countertops is to seal the granite. Granite sealant will keep liquids and oils from seeping into your countertops, and it works like a charm. Kitchen granite colors get a nice boost in appearance, and it protects your already durable countertops.

But which sealant to get?

The best sealant depends on your countertops, and more importantly, what kind they are. For example, most granite can stand to benefit from “impregnating” sealer, as it penetrates deep into the pores of granite and lasts a long time. Natural stone can stand to benefit from sealing “kits” that can also be purchased. This will help waterproof (and everything-proof) your granite countertops.

Use Your Cutting Boards

Cutting boards still reign supreme
Don't forget about cutting boards. Source: The Spruce

Even though granite can be used as a cutting board itself, it is recommended to still have a cutting board handy. 1. Because it avoids cross contamination, and 2. Worst case scenario, a knife (especially ceramic, and especially one that was cutting tomatoes) could potentially chip granite. Otherwise the material is nearly impervious to scratches. Even though granite kitchen countertops price fairly expensively, they are well worth the cost in terms of durability.

Watch the Cranberry Sauce!

There are a few things that can damage granite.
Keep acidic foods away. Source: Martha Stewart

The only real way to cause damage to granite is via acid, or simply acidic foods. So watch where you put that cranberry sauce this year. There are only a few foods that can damage granite during Thanksgiving, meaning you should avoid placing the following on the countertops:

  • Tomatoes
  • Beets
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Cranberries
  • Oranges
  • Soda
  • Soy sauce
  • Alcohol
  • Turkey and turkey juice!

Organization is Key

No kitchen countertop is complete without granite
Granite countertops for any holiday. Source: HGTV

Another great aspect of granite countertops is that even when they may be the same size as other countertops, they still feel roomier. In any case, to maximize the room in your kitchen the trick is to keep organized. Follow this advice to keep your kitchen roomy and efficient:

  • Keep all plates stacked when not in use
  • Hang pots, pans, and utensils
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Set up a baking zone
  • Combine all silverware
  • Put tupperware in tupperware
  • Spice rack!

Perfect for Games

If nothing else, granite countertops provide the perfect environment to sit back and unwind with the family over some games. Make it a tradition in your home to play Texas Hold ‘em, Uno, or even Cards Against Humanity. Bonding with friends and family is what holidays are really all about. Finding a fun past time is history in the making.

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