Fall is the perfect time to clean out your gutters, because once all the leaves have fallen, that’s exactly when you want to do the deed. This will also help your home in the winter when ice dams might be able to form. So make the best of both seasons and have your gutters cleaned out this fall. Hire a pro to get a gutter cleaning service in your location.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” - Oscar Wilde

Don’t Ignore Your Gutters!

Gutters protect you home's foundation
The gutters on your home will protect it. Source: DIYnetwork

The first step is the most evident; don’t hesitate in cleaning your gutters! As soon as the last leaf has fallen you should get to work or conversely, hire a gutter cleaning service. This will save your gutters and roof from any damage. This is especially helpful if you don’t know how to clean gutters you can't reach.

Preventing Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when your warm attic melts a little bit of snow from the roof, but then that snow freezes over once it travels further down. This is further exacerbated by having leaves and debris pile up in your gutters and can lead to roof, gutter, and mold damage before the winter ends. So have your gutters cleaned out before the fall ends to avoid risk.

Pre-Cleaning Gutters

PVC gutters are easy to install
Easy to install and maintain. Source: DIYnetwork

Here’s how to get a head start on cleaning out your gutters. The first step as always is to head on up to that roof and scoop out the goop from the crevice around your roof. Target the downspouts especially, and the areas around them. Furthermore, keep an eye on the functionality of your gutters by checking out the following:

  • Gutter spikes
  • Any leaks
  • Rivets
  • Use a power washer
  • Check ferrules
  • Make sure the flashing is in order

Risks of Not Cleaning Your Gutters

You can DIY repair some of the cracks and leaks
Some small repairs can be made yourself. Source: Family Handyman

Aside from ice dams, there are a number of problems that can arise when your gutters aren’t properly cleaned out. Over time these can result in serious money-causing problems that will need professional repairs. Here are some major issues that can come up when ice dams are left unchecked:

  • Stains
  • Compromised gutter system
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Flooding
  • Wood rot
  • Insects
  • Pooling along the roof

What Fall Cleaning Entails

Beautiful copper gutters can collect rainwater.
Long-lasting copper gutters. Source: YouTube

These gutter cleaning tricks will help you out when it comes time to clear out the old downspouts. Ideally, you’ll want to lay down a tarp near at least every downspout exit. Then, using a sturdy ladder, scoop out all twigs, leaves, and random debris that are in the gutters. It helps if you have a waste bag up on the ladder, but if that feels too risky, you can always dump it on the tarp.

Next Level Cleaning Services

Ideally you’ll want to know how to clean gutters fast. And that includes having a garden hose flush out the downspouts after debris removal. But to get things done in an even more efficient manner, try using a power washer on the downspouts for an even more thorough cleaning. This is the best method on how to clean downspouts. It’s a night and day difference.

Gutter Maintenance

What home is complete without gutters?
Even along stone siding, gutters look and function great. Source: YouTube

There are also gutter cleaning tricks that are more focused on long-term functionality. Little things like making sure your system meets the gutter slope standard. Or how your downspouts’ gutter fall per foot adds up. Anything that falls under gutter maintenance. Proper gutter pitch adjustment will assist in keeping your system working better for longer.

Maintaining Those Gutters

Not only does maintenance ensure that your system will last longer, it also improves the quality of the unit itself. This is especially true for copper gutters, where the main goal is to last several lifetimes.

Finally, How to Repair Damaged Gutters

Even with all that effort and work going into keeping your gutter system active, it’s inevitably going to need repairs in the long haul. When this occurs, there are a few ways you can go about fixing it, depending on severity. Anything involving rivets is probably best left to professionals. However, it is possible to fix up light dings and leaks yourself using caulking.

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