A landscape architect can do a lot more for you than fancy landscaping – although that alone is rightfully a great reason to do so. It’s true that such a professional is capable of delivering on landscaping magic you couldn’t even think of, but there’s more to it than that.

Landscape architects are not only thinking about visual design. They can effortlessly make something beautiful happen, but the secret is also making it practical, convenient, and if possible, useful.

So we have two things to discuss: what a landscape architect can do for you, and what to look for when hiring one.

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Why hire a landscape architect?

A landscape architect can make your home more energy efficient with clever positioning. Source: Pexels
A landscape architect can make your home more energy efficient with clever positioning. Source: Pexels

As mentioned before, a landscape architect is not a fancy gardener – they take into account much more than just trees and shrubs, being capable of using the layout of structures in many interesting practical ways rather than just visual.

For example, a landscape architect will know where to position trees and shrubs in a way that protects your home from direct sunlight, making your HVAC system more efficient and in turn, saving your money. And that’s just one example.

But there’s another good reason that has both an immediate and long-term benefit – a carefully constructed landscape by a professional will increase your home’s value. This will make it much more valuable in case you’re selling in the future.

Ideas you wouldn’t even consider

Outside of creating stunning landscapes that combine greenery with infrastructure, there’s a whole lot landscape architects can help you create. Here are some ideas worth pointing out:

Low-maintenance garden. Having a beautiful garden is nice, but maintenance will only ramp up the bigger and more varied it gets. Landscape architects will know how to make a beautiful yet low-maintenance garden, with plants you can realistically care for and grow in your area.

Rain gardens. A properly built rain garden can make a huge difference for areas that suffer with seasonal flooding.

Drip irrigation system. This can be implemented as opposed to the usual sprinkler system, as it saves a lot more water and feeds water closer to the plant roots.

Permeable paving. Great for preventing driveway flooding (or flooding of any sort), and makes for a much more natural irrigation system that works especially well if built around an infrastructure with the same goal.

Ask for references and portfolio

A portfolio is already a great source of inspiration. Source: HGTV
A portfolio is already a great source of inspiration. Source: HGTV

Now, when it comes to hiring a landscape architect, a good starting point is asking for a portfolio and references. The portfolio especially will show you what this professional can do and maybe even show inspiration you can bring to your home.

Set up a budget

It’s no surprise that professional landscaping projects can get big, so it’s important to set your budget early on so your hired contractor can work around it. Sticking to a budget will also make their life easier, since there’s a lot they can rule out, which gives them a more focused look into the project.

Anything that is above the budget will be ruled out, but there’s a whole lot that can happen within your limit – and the sooner your landscape architect knows how high that is, the better they can work on it.

Seek for inspiration online

Online inspiration will show you ideas you didn't think were possible. Source: Country Living

With so many different and amazing projects available, a great way to find ideas that fit your plans is to look for inspiration online. Your landscaper’s portfolio will help too, but online you can really bounce-off some ideas with them – asking what fits your budget, what doesn’t, and how would certain projects work on your home.

Need more help with a landscaping project? Talk to a landscaping architect today and get free quotes in your area!


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