We all love a good home trend and this year has come with many great things for us to consider in our home remodeling projects. Now that the weather is so nice out, it’s time to think of what to do with your home exterior too.

There are many gorgeous trends, but I’ve reduce the list to only five because, you know, let’s make life easier for those people who are a bit more indecisive (like myself). Check out these five amazing exterior home trends for 2019!

“Draw your pleasure, paint your pleasure, and express your pleasure strongly. - Pierre Bonnard

Bring the inside out

Integrate your patio and balcony with the landscape.
Integrate your patio and balcony with the landscape. Source: HGTV

You can think about this as a way to renew your backyard patio. The idea behind bringing the inside out is to create a space for hanging out outdoors, using wide openings (glass doors are also a huge trend for 2019, if you want to consider it) and creating a cozy environment with a table, some chairs, and a rug will be just what you need to achieve the trend people simply love! It’s not like this is something new, people have been investing in outdoor patios for a long time now,

But there’s more than that:

The concept is to make your whole house have a look on the outdoor, second-floor included! So investing in a balcony is also something you’ll want to do if you want to follow this trend.

Darker colors

A dark color home can be gorgeous too. Source: Style by Emily Henderson

I’ve talked about kitchen trends a few weeks ago and I mentioned how black and darker colors were standing out to be used in kitchen cabinet colors, and well, it didn’t really came as a surprise that darker colors are a big hit for your home exterior this year too!

Most commonly, we find tones of charcoal and dark red. But this year people are going crazy for houses with shades of gray and even using black accents in their sidings and trims.

The color you pick to use in your own home will depend on the style you want to achieve. For example, if you want a more rustic home, you’ll want to go with a shade of brown. Whereas if you want something more modern or futuristic, the shades of gray will prevail.

By the way, I’m totally up for DIY painting projects, but for something as big as your house exterior, you should definitely leave it to the pros.

High-quality materials

Stone is a popular material choice for your home exterior. Source: The Creativity Exchange

Using high-quality materials is essential when building or remodeling a house, though it’s not everyone that gives this detail that much attention. Still, this year people have been more responsible and expanding their budgets to use better materials in their homes because it is super worth it - as a general rule: the better the material quality, the lower the maintenance it will need.

Not only that, the trend involves using mixed materials to give homes a more unique and personal look.

Farmhouse porch

A farmhouse porch is simple to put together.
A farmhouse porch is simple to put together. Source: Sweet Home Living

Having an inviting front porch is not news in the homeowner world, everyone wants to have a house exterior that’s both inviting and easy to care for. However, in 2019, the bit hit is: farmhouse porches! As farmhouse brings a cozy, welcoming energy with its color palette and kind of rustic elements, it’s a look that appeals greatly to create a dreamy porch!

These are some ideas of what to add to your porch:

  • Quality furniture
  • Porch swings
  • Wood rocking chairs
  • Side table
  • Hanging lights

Low maintenance

Fiber cement siding is low maintenance and looks great.
Fiber cement siding is low maintenance and looks great. Source: Mother Earth News

With the busy lives we lead nowadays, everyone is looking for the low maintenance options for everything. And we all know how our home exterior can be hard to care for, after all, it’s exposed to sunlight, storms, snow, and even floods all year long. That can cause severe damage in a short amount of time.

However, there are already many things you can do that will make your life easier, for example vinyl or fiber cement siding, metal roofing, composite decking, and fiberglass windows.

You should definitely talk to a specialist to learn what are the best options for the region you live in! Get a free quote from a home contractor today!

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