Mosquitoes are one of the worst pests that you need to deal with around your house. They can feed on you and your family and also prevent you from spending time outside. As the insects prefer areas with a lot of water, getting rid of standing water can help quite a bit. 

However, there are loads of other ways to eliminate mosquitoes that you can try before deciding to spend your spring and summer trapped inside! 

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If you love drinking coffee but hate dealing with mosquitoes, try reusing your old coffee grounds to prevent these pesky pests. The grounds are quite pungent and can last for a long time. 

It's helpful to toss the grounds in any standing water that you see. The water will help release the scent of the coffee and drive the mosquitoes away from their feeding grounds.


The best way to eliminate mosquitoes is with the same garlic that you use for cooking. Simply crush one full head of garlic and add to a pot with some water. Once you bring the mixture to a boil, let it cool before pouring the liquid into a spray bottle. 

When you spray the solution around your home and outside, the scent will repel the bugs.

Tea Tree Oil

You might use tea tree oil to treat minor ailments, but it's also a great solution for mosquitoes. The best way to use the oil is as a spray. Simply dilute a few drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle that you fill with cold water. Give the bottle a shake before spraying the mixture around your house and outside, and that’s it! 

Dry Ice

The same dry ice that you use during parties can function as mosquito prevention. Dry ice releases carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. It's helpful to place a small amount of ice in the bottom of a mosquito trap. The bugs will dive inside as they smell the dry ice, but the carbon dioxide will kill them. 

You can use a dry ice trap before you set up for a party or whenever you see mosquitoes.


Mint has dozens of uses in cooking but also works as a mosquito repellent. Planting mint bushes is a great option because they’re very easy to grow in most climates. You can enjoy the fresh scent of mint as you work outside, too. 

If you have limited space available, consider using dried or fresh mint around the areas where you see the insects.


You likely used products that contain camphor when dealing with a pulled muscle or other injuries. Camphor also works well against mosquitoes. You can use dried camphor in your home or outdoor space. 

Place the substance in a safe spot and drop in a match. The match will light the camphor and release fumes that push mosquitoes away.


When you look online at how to get rid of mosquitoes, many people will tell you to use lavender. Using lavender oil can freshen up your house and drive away mosquitoes at the same time. You just want to make sure that you diffuse the oil with water to keep the scent from becoming too overwhelming. 

If you have pets at home, you should avoid essential oils as they can make your pets sick. Planting fresh lavender in your garden is safer and works equally well.

Pinion Wood

Using pinion wood lets you have fun at an outdoor party and repel mosquitoes at the same time. This wood comes in logs that are perfect for an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. As the wood burns, it releases fumes that both kill mosquitoes and drives them away. 

You'll also find that you can burn this type of wood in a home fireplace. It produces a light scent that kills mosquitoes but won't overwhelm you.


Many people swear that basil is the best way to eliminate mosquitoes. You can plant it on vases to produce this herb which is perfect for Italian cooking. Mosquitoes dislike the scent and will avoid the areas around the herb. 

If you’re not into gardening, you may want to try basil oil, too. No matter which method you choose, you can get rid of all of the mosquitoes around your home.


You might try alcohol as you look at how to get rid of mosquitoes in your house. Mosquitoes hate its scent and can't stand to be around it. The next time that you invite friends over, place a few glasses of alcohol outside first, or mix some rubbing alcohol with water while cleaning the house. As soon as they smell it, the bugs will run away.

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