Every ceiling needs an update every now and then. Maybe you've moved into a home with ugly ceilings, or the one you own suffered some sort of damage over the years, making it lose its appeal. Paint can wrinkle and crack, water damage can create spots and stains, or even bad paint jobs can create harsh shadows that make ceilings look terrible.

Luckily, you don't necessarily have to redo the entire thing, which in most cases, would be an ordeal. There are creative ways to cover up ugly ceiling that can work either as an overall, or a simple and cheaper way to buy yourself some time!

Let's get over the most common ways you can cover up ugly ceilings!

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1. Coat of paint

coat of paint
A coat of paint will pretty much solve your ceiling problems. Source: Architectural Design

We have to mention the most obvious way because it's by far one of the most effective ones.

A nice coat of paint can easily fix most ugly ceilings and provide a whole new look in one go, if that's what you're looking for. And that’s the key word here: fix. It doesn’t really “cover ugly ceiling, it has the potential to completely fix them, unless the bad looks come from other more serious problems.

The cost will vary depending on the coverage. Preparation may also be necessary and the painted ceiling will likely make the room off-limits for a few days while the work is done and the paint dries, but if your ceiling is looking ugly just from a previous bad paint job, this will solve your problem permanently.

2. Faux beams

faux beams
These beams are not part of the structure! Source: The Family Handyman

We call them "faux" beams because they don't actually take any part in the structure of the house – they are simply implemented to simulate the look of structural beams, which in turn, makes for a really cool look.

This is especially useful to hide ugly ceilings because it takes the focus away from them, keeping them cloaked behind the beams for the most part.

3. PVC Tiles

pvc tiles
PVC tiles are easy to install. Source: Garage Tool Ad.

You can install PVC tiles as a drop ceiling, completely hiding the actual ceiling behind it. This means it doesn't really matter how bad your ceiling looks, PVC tiles create a protective layer that has the advantage of being waterproof.

4. Drywall

drywall ceiling
Drywall makes for a great ceiling! The Source: Tools First 

Installing drywall on ceilings works similarly to a drop ceiling, as it completely covers the area and makes it pretty much maintenance-free for years. It doesn't look half-bad either and can be painted for a solid look, making the change almost unnoticeable. 

5. Ceiling tiles

ceiling tiles
Ceiling tiles are easy to install and cover up any ceiling. Source: Baleia.me

There are some different kinds of ceiling tiles, going anywhere from complex elegant patterns to simple surface-mount tiles, which is what we're really talking about here because they are much cheaper and easier to install.

This way, you can have a classy-looking ceiling that is much less labor intensive than painting. 

6. Wallpaper ceiling

wallpaper ceiling
Wallpapers are not ideal for every case, but can work beautifully. Source: The Spruce

Wallpapers are not always the best choice for hiding ugly ceilings because they are installed evenly across the surface of the ceiling, so if there are any uneven spots, cracks on the paint, or anything that isn't smooth, wallpapers won't hide it very well.

They can, however, provide a nice cover for a ceiling you don't particularly like. For example, if your ceiling is on a color you don't love, but you don't want to go through the labor of painting it right now.

In that case, you can apply a simple wallpaper with pretty much any pattern that matches your style since wallpapers are not permanent and can be removed later, you're commitment free for that time. 

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