A low ceiling might not seem so bad, but it may get in the way of you feeling comfortable in your own house. That happens because the low ceiling makes the house feel smaller, darker, and honestly, not like home. So these low ceiling ideas will help you learn what’s the best way to deal with your house and find the perfect low ceiling solutions!

“The very essence of instinct is that it's followed independently of reason. - Charles Darwin

Remove crown molding

Crown molding needs to go.
Crown molding needs to go. Source: A Turtle’s Life for Me

Even though crown molding can look great and add some style to your home, if you have a low ceiling problem, it will not be welcome in the house. One of the best low ceiling solutions you will find is to remove crown molding. That’s because this removal will make the whole room feel more spacious.

If you’re reluctant about removing the crown molding, consider making it a little thinner. That will already help make the room look bigger.

Use paint

Stripes on the wall will make your ceiling look higher.
Stripes on the wall will make your ceiling look higher. Source: home-dzine

There are a few different ways you can use paint as a way of making ceilings look higher, such as:

  • Painting the ceiling white: since white is a bright color, it will lighten the room and make it feel like the ceiling is higher than it actually is - it’s amazing the tricks a bit of paint can do
  • Painting the ceiling downs on to the wall: the idea is that you paint the walls a similar hue or the exact same color, that will give a sense like there are no boundaries between the ceiling and the wall, making it look higher
  • Use high-gloss finishes on the ceiling: a glossy paint color is ideal to make the ceiling look higher because of its mirror effect
  • Paint vertical stripes on the wall: vertical stripes (much like using vertical decoration) makes the ceiling feel like it’s higher than it really is, so painting the wall with these vertical stripes will be a neat trick - and also give your home a gorgeous new style!

Choose low furniture

Low furniture creating horizontal lines will make your room look more spacious
Low furniture creating horizontal lines will make your room look more spacious. Source: Living in a Shoebox

This tip is pretty obvious, right? It’s only logical that you use low furniture to make it feel like the ceiling is higher. Still, I thought it’d be good to mention this hack. Also, it would be really interesting to the eye to keep a horizontal average line with all your furniture - in a way none of your stuff stays in front of the windows. That will make the room brighter and more spacious.

Raise hang of window treatments

Put the curtain bar closer to the ceiling
Put the curtain bar closer to the ceiling. Source: Better Homes & Gardens

If you use curtains or other window treatments that require hanging above the window line, one thing you can do as a low ceiling solution is to raise that hanging bar closer to the ceiling.

That’s because,

Much like using vertical decoration and vertical lines (remember the painting tip I talked about earlier?), this trick attracts the eye closer to the ceiling and makes it look higher in a simple way.

Use lighting tricks

Hanging lights will give a special charm in an unfinished basement
Hanging lights will give a special charm in an unfinished low ceiling. Source: bobvila

Last but not least, lights will be your best friend to create a cool ambiance anywhere in the house. But they are especially awesome when you’re dealing with a low ceiling basement. Instead of going through a whole remodel project where you’ll need to remove the ceiling or something like that, simply use lights to maximize your space.

For example, you can install recessed (canned) lighting. That way, the ceiling will look modern and your light fixture won’t be hanging from it, making it look even lower.

More than that, if your ceiling is exposed, use strategic lights within the exposed area. It’ll help give the room a bit of charm and it’ll feel more spacious. Or, you can also get some hanging lights and create a cozy space to hang out with your family and friends!

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