Do you have an effective home security system? It’s always good to take the time to think on how to improve home safety. Whether it’s to keep your home safe from break-ins or just increase safety in general (like from fires, floods, and etc.), those are all really important things to pay attention to now. Don’t postpone it! Keep reading for some effective home security tips!

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Alarms help control who enters and leaves the house.
Alarms help control who enters and leaves the house. Image source: Pexels

Getting alarms installed is always useful, both for when you’re at home and when you’re going out on vacations. The alarm system will alert you when someone enters the house, if you don’t answer the phone and provide a security code, police will immediately be alerted and will go to your house.

Repair Electric Problems

Electricity can be really dangerous if you don't pay attention.
Electricity can be really dangerous if you don't pay attention. Image source: Pexels

Electricity is a blessing but it can also be really dangerous if you don’t pay attention to eventual issues. The most common electrical problems you can face include:

  • Light switches not working properly
  • Uncovered wires
  • Outlets that give little shocks
  • Light bulbs burning too often

Take the time to call an electrician and get these repaired and your home will become a lot safer.


Cameras can be helpful when bugglers are trying to get into your home. Most of them don’t want to deal with the trouble of facing a camera, so if you install a couple of these outdoors, that will already make your home a lot safer.

In addition to that,

You could also get hidden cameras for both outdoor and indoor home security. There are actually many great cameras for home security, so you can do your research and find the one that fits your home best.

Get Extra Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers need to be easy to reach.
Fire extinguishers need to be easy to reach. Image source: Eccotemp

A fire can never be predicted, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So taking some safety precautions is always good. Buy extra fire extinguishers rated for all types of fire (look for an A-B-C rating on the label) and make sure to have them accessible throughout the house - especially in the kitchen, since that’s one of the most likely places a fire could happen. And make sure you know how to operate one!

Even more than that:

Consider getting a safety ladder, installing smoke detectors in every room of the house (and regularly check if they’re working), and talk to your family about an escape plan, especially kids. Teach them that if a fire breaks out, to get out of the house immediately, and don’t stall around the house looking for their phones or other valuables.

Silent Panic Button

The silent panic button is ideal for when you’re at home and someone is trying to get in, this way, you can get help without leaving any indications of where you’re hiding. Just make sure to get these installed in strategic places, that could be:

  • Near your bed, by the nightstand
  • In the bathroom
  • In the home office

You can also install one in the kids’ bedroom, but you will need to explain them the importance of only hitting the button in case of emergencies (and be clear about what kind of emergencies!).

Get to Know the Neighbors

The neighbors can keep an eye on the house when you're out.
The neighbors can keep an eye on the house when you're out. Image source: Pixabay

Getting to know the neighbors is not only a great way to make new friends, they will also be a big help by keeping and eye on the house whenever you’re out. Plus, they will be a lot more prone to help you in case of emergencies, helping and sharing supplies.

Window Sensors

These sensors are made to detect whenever a window is being opened or broken, which differs from window break sensors that only detect when glass is being broken. What you can consider about the window sensors is that they’re highly accurate and will be a great home security system if combined with other types of detection.

Keep the Porch Clear

A messy porch gives the impression there's nobody home.
A messy porch gives the impression there's nobody home. Image source: Pixabay

This means, cleaning the mailbox and removing flyers from the porch. If you don’t do this, it might give the impression that there’s nobody home - which can get the attention of burglars. So, keep that porch clear! In case you’re actually away, talk to your neighbors so they can do that favor for you (here’s one more advantage of getting to know your neighbors!).

Automatic Porch Lights

Automatic lights will make your life easier.
Automatic lights will make your life easier. Image source: Home Inspiration

A peephole on the door will sure help you during the day, but at night, it won’t do much of a difference. So you can get automatic porch lights installed, you know, those lights with movement sensors that turn on whenever someone walks by? Those are the ones.

Another option:

Get a lighting system that can be setup to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. These can also come in handy if you keep forgetting to turn the lights on when it starts to get dark.

Tip: Use LED or CFLs bulbs to keep your energy costs down.

Home Safety Tips

Home safety affects the whole family, be sure to create a safe place for everyone!
Home safety affects the whole family, be sure to create a safe place for everyone! Image source: Pexels

Along with those effective ideas to make your home safer, here are a few basic home safety tips you can do now:

  • Don’t overload outlets and extensions cords
  • Appliances should be turned off when nobody’s using them
  • Be aware of flammable liquids near heating units, same goes for flammable objects near stoves
  • Keep electrical appliances away from water in the bathroom or from the sink in the kitchen
  • Fence your pool
  • Have emergencies numbers at hand (police, fire department, friends, neighbors, etc.)
  • Secure household items (bookcases, shelves, wardrobes, etc.)

Home security is really important and it needs to be taken seriously. If you still didn’t prepare your home to be secured, it’s time to get planning. Get a free estimate from a professional to help you.

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