The first wealth is health. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Home tips: Flu season is almost here! Are you prepared?
Flu and cold season is almost here...are you ready? Boost your immune system to avoid getting sick. Via Liberty Distributors.

In the middle of back-to-school, fall (and then winter) sports, and the holiday season, the last thing you want is to come down with a case of the flu or a bad cold. And yet this season is flu season for a reason, probably because the change in weather and the overwhelming stress we put ourselves through knocks out our immune system so that we’re susceptible to just about anything that comes around. But there are some steps you can take to boost your immune system and stave off the sicknesses that will invariably come home from school with your kids, at least better than without these steps. We can’t promise that you won’t get sick, but with a boosted immune system you’re less likely to get sick and if you do get sick, it won’t stick around for such a long time. Some of these tips are just good, common sense (don’t sit outside for a while without a jacket if it’s 50 degrees out) and some of them might take some work; trust us, anything you can do now helps. Your body (and family!) will thank you later!

Tips for an Immune System Boost

Bedroom tips: Getting enough sleep is key to staying healthy.
Getting enough sleep is a key piece of staying healthy, especially during cold and flu season. Via Holistic Vanity.

Get Enough Sleep

We can’t stress how important it is to get enough sleep. Sleeping is your body’s (and your mind’s) way of recovering from the day and preparing for the day ahead, and being chronically sleep-deprived is one of the easiest ways to ensure you most likely will catch that bug that’s going around the preschool this week.

Interior tips: Chronic stress is a key component of poor health.
Some stress is healthy but chronic stress will eventually take its toll. Via Zeta Yarwood.

Cut Down on Stress

While some, short-term stress can actually be good for you, chronic-stress is an immune system killer. Find ways to manage your stress and, separately, find ways to relax. Laughing has also been proven to help boost your immune system - no joke.

Kitchen tip: Healthy eating can help your body combat viruses.
Healthy eating habits can give your body the nutrients and energy it needs to combat viruses. Via Fuse Fitness.

Eat Healthily

You don’t have to be a health nut to incorporate healthy foods in your diet. By spending just a little more time in the kitchen and knowing a few immune-system powerhouses (like garlic, tea, and chicken noodle soup), you can be well on your way to a healthier flu season.

Exterior tip: Even a little exercise can make a big difference.
A little exercise can actually make a big difference - don't skimp on the workouts now! Via Titanovo.


Again, no need to go overboard - getting a little exercise, even just a brisk walk through the neighborhood, a few times a week can drastically improve your chances of staying healthy. Park at the farthest end of the parking lot. Pick up a yoga class or two. Anything will help.

Kitchen bar tip: Moderation in things like alcohol is healthier for your body.
You don't have to stop drinking, but enjoying alcohol in moderation leads to a healthier lifestyle. Via New Health Guide.

Enjoy in Moderation

If you enjoy adult beverages, make sure you enjoy them from time-to-time and not all the time. Moderation is key; over-consumption is unhealthy in so many ways and can negatively impact your body’s ability to fight off viruses.

Finance tip: Quitting isn't easy but provides a ton of health benefits.
Quitting isn't easy but it is healthy; if you can't quit, at least try to find ways to cut back. Via Huffington Post.

On the other hand, if you’re a smoker, finding ways to cut back or, ideally, to quit (and the sooner the better) can be one of the healthiest moves you make. There are plenty of quitting aids out there, but even just cutting back can be a big help.

What To Do If (or When) You Do Catch That Bug

Interior insulation tip: If you do get sick, take care of yourself to get healthier much faster.
If you do get sick, there are some steps to get better quicker. Via MyCowachanValleyNow.

Try as you might, chances are you won’t escape catching at least one bug this cold season. What then?

  •  Get as much sleep as possible.
  •  Wash your hands before interacting with others (and especially before preparing food; have someone else do it if you can, but if not, keep things as sanitary as possible).
  •  Drink a lot of fluid (water is better but fresh juice can be good too).
  •  Check in with your doctor if you have a fever, if you don’t start to feel better soon, or if your symptoms are more serious than a cold or flu would warrant.
  •  If your symptoms are above the neck, it might help to get little bit of exercise - a brief walk around the block, for instance. But if it’s making you feel worse, or your symptoms are below the neck (upset stomach, body aches and pains), hold off on the exercise until you’re feeling better. You need to conserve your energy for healing.
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