How to make home cozy

Believe it or not, a house is cozy and inviting when it is comfortable above all things. Wallpapers with textures or exposed walls, colors right chosen, the use of nature or the construction of a fireplace, rugs and a good use of lights may help you too – to get the cozier home ever!

The more inviting a house is, the better. But, how to make each room cozy? We brought you eight great tips to charm your guests with a wonderful place. Read below.

1.  Go for Comfort

Go for comfort

Nothing gives a cozier appearance more than real comfortable furniture: couches, armchairs, beds, cushions, and blankets, for example, can be the keys to create a nice and inviting look in living rooms and bedrooms.

2.  Texture Your Wallpapers

Texture your wallpapers

See your walls as opportunities to improve the decoration of the rooms, and apply layouts and/or textures on them. Textures are great choices to bring an inviting and elegant aspect. Just keep in mind how you want the room to look in the end even before you start some changes.

3.  Or Expose Your Walls

Or expose your walls

Instead of wallpapers you can choose to expose your walls and do literally nothing with them or painting their bricks. The bricks can be gorgeous by themselves and can also help you create the inviting space you desire. They are another textured option, more neutral and practical.

4.  Choose the Right Colors for Your Walls

Choose the right colors for your walls

Textured or not, your walls need the right color in order for you to make the house look just the way you imagine. Fall and neutral colors are the most popular when it comes to coziness, but red, gold, chocolate brown, caramel and wine are also great choices.

Light colors can be another great option because they can create the illusion of a larger and “happier place. Go for:

  • light blue;
  • beige;
  • lavender; and
  • light green.

Especially light blue, which provides a peaceful aesthetic.

5.  Bring Some Nature to The Rooms

Bring some nature to the rooms

Flowerpots and green plants can be great in every room of the house. Both of them are amazing natural features that match with different types of spaces and are recommended mainly for areas with tropical, traditional and transitional layouts.

If you do not want to take care of plants, you can still use natural looks to bring coziness. Try shade plants, which are capable of surviving with little sunlight and water or go for the fake ones last case.

6.  Add a Fireplace to the House

Add a fireplace to the house

Decorate your fireplace if you already have one with simple objects. For example:

  • candles;
  • cases; and/or
  • pictures.

Or consider adding a fireplace to the house if you do not have one already. It is more than inviting and especially good for the winter or for cold days, and also helps you to increase the house value if you want to sell.

7.  Make a Good Use of the Lights

Make a good use of the lights

Lighting is everything when searching for cozines, and can actually impact on several aspects of the decoration. Yellow lamps help you to create a more inviting space, dimmed lights can be used in different situations and sometimes make the room seem smaller – a trick usually used for get-togethers and romantic or peaceful family moments.

8.  Place Your Rugs

Place your rugs

The last tip is use rugs to create a cozier and more inviting look at the house. Rugs are full of layouts and different textures – just make sure you wash them from time to time. Double them on larger areas or substitute the ones you already have for a larger one can also help. Not sure about what color to choose? Go for fall colors, such as brown, wine or caramel.

If it is hard to make changes by yourself, you might consider speaking with a decorator or a designer and ask for help. They will certainly fulfill all your wishes and provide an excellent result!

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