Fashion trends come and go as do home design trends, but one trend that never seems to leave us is denim. Denim can be almost any color, shape, size, and design. Plus, denim is durable, comfortable, and versatile so it’s no surprise that it has endured the times as a staple material. From the birth of jeans for women in the 1930’s to accommodate women entering the workforce, to the bell bottoms in the 1970’s, through the rough patch of acid wash jeans in the 80’s to the present in which you can find denim in almost every American’s closet. But the fashion staple, like many do, leaked into our home decor as a lasting trend. It can be a perfect addition to a home, especially if you like upcycling. We’ve gathered our favorite ways to incorporate denim in your home without overdoing it and channeling 2001 Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

The Pouf

Make a DIY pouf out of upcycled denim jeans!
An adorable pouf made out of denim. Via Fresh American

The pouf has always been one of my favorite additions to my house but if you use them as much as I do (or have cats that think they are scratching stools), they can get worn down easily. This denim option is durable and adorable.

The Tapestry

Use different colors of old denim jeans to create this awesome wall art.
Make your own unique wall art by upcycling denim jeans! Via Home Delicious

This tapestry is a perfect statement for a blank wall in your home. Denim can do well with any color in fashion and is no different when it come to your walls. Make this out of all your old jeans and hang the memories you made in them on your wall to cherish forever.

Patchwork Rug

Make a DIY patchwork indoor/outdoor rug out of denim.
This indoor/outdoor denim patchwork rug is an excellent addition to any home. Via Kid Space Stuff

Create the perfect indoor or outdoor rug that will last and make a statement in your home. This is perfect for a rustic or vintage design in the home, paired with your favorite mason jar Pinterest projects.

Bar Stool Covers 

Make your own custom bar stool covers out of denim and a bleach pen.
Make your own custom bar stool covers out of denim! Via Style Me Pretty

These covers made from denim and a bleach pen can be an amazing way to upcycle your jeans and make your kitchen even more beautiful. Plus you can use any stencil and achieve the perfect look.

Wall Storage

Get your office supplies organized in style with a DIY denim wall storage unit!
Add stylish storage to your home with this denim wall hanging. Via Handmade Charlotte

I am always looking for new ways to organize my office supplies and crafting supplies and this is an adorable way to use those old jeans and get organized.

Patriotic Placemats

Make patriotic placemats out of denim!
Make your own patriotic place mats out of denim! Via Today's Nest

Celebrate 4th of July or Memorial Day in style with these adorable denim placemats for your family and friends. Because what else could be more American than a pair of Levi’s?

The Denim Wreath

Add personality to your front door with a wreath made out of upcycled denim.
Add some personality to your front door with this denim wreath! Via A Fish Who Likes Flowers

Welcoming guests into your home starts at the front door which is why I love having beautiful wreaths to hang. Whether they are seasonal, holiday themed, or just cute like this one, they bring some fun to the front door!

The Upcycled Coasters

Make your own coasters out of denim jeans!
Make your own coasters out of denim! Via PopSugar

Coasters are a small easy way to not only protect your furniture but add subtle style to your home. Not to mention how incredibly easy these are to make!

From the drawers of your dresser to the decor on your walls, denim is the ultimate addition to your life. Do you use denim in your home? What other denim upcycling projects have you tried? Show us on Facebook or Twitter!

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