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Looking to nature for DIY interior design 7Themes

Summertime is usually a time we spend closer to nature - the weather is nicer and we take time to do things like camping, swimming, or even kayaking. But especially if you have a demanding career or live in an urban area (or both), it can still be hard to feel close to nature. And that’s a shame, as nature has calming and destressing properties that make it super beneficial to spend time in. So instead of stressing about not being outside, why not DIY some indoor, nature-inspired decor? The options are endless, but here we focus on the stylish ways that tree branches in particular can be brought indoors to enhance your space and help you feel calm without leaving to take an outdoor vacation. Next time you have your trees trimmed, let the contractor know you might need to grab some of the branches - you’ll need them! Here are tips and tricks we’ve collected from the cheap, easy, and still stylish tree branch DIY projects that we’ve found inspiring!

Create a Centerpiece

Framed wall decor using tree branches
Interior wall art with nature WildWoodBarkArt

One of the easiest, classiest ways to DIY tree branch decor is to create a framed wall centerpiece. You can use a variety of smaller branches in an ornate frame, or a simple frame with just a few statement pieces. If you have the space, you can use the piece as the central theme in a DIY Gallery Wall so you can include family photos, too!

Interior living room design with tree branches
Tree branch decor for home living rooms Topdreamer

If you’re not into the idea of framing tree branches, there are other ways of using branches to decorate your living room walls. Think about using one displayed as a statement piece - birch branches are naturally a classy white, or you can use spray paint to adjust the color and style of the branch. DIY branch decor goes well in spaces with natural color paint schemes, like greens, blues, and browns, but can also work when incorporated into rooms with different tones or hues.

Interior tree branch wall are for living rooms
Tree picture wall art Homeneeds

Finally, what better way to use a DIY tree branch project as a centerpiece than to use it to display family photos? Whether a more literal take on a ‘family tree’ or simply a method of hanging the photos decoratively, these projects are super easy and cheap to complete and will give you a unique way to display your loved ones.


Tree branch interior shelving units for a living room or bedroom.
DIY shelves made from tree branches Topdreamer

If you’re the kind of person who would rather your decor also be functional, there are still tons of ways to use tree branch projects to create custom, functional decor in your home. For instance, take this project for DIY branch shelves - not only do you get to find and display beautiful tree branches as a part of your own interior design, but the branches can hold up shelves and also keep your framed photos, books, or other supplies neat and organized. And each set of shelves is as unique as the tree branches you collect!

Interior closet rod made from all natural tree branches
Give your closet a natural look Cotemaison

Maybe you want to incorporate a bigger tree branch into your space - think about using the branch as a rod that you can then hang things off of! From hanging clothes in an artful display (that also frees up closet space) to using tree branches as curtain rods, all you need is a long, relatively straight branch that you can rest in brackets screwed into the wall. Voila! Decorative, tasteful, and functional tree branches incorporated into your bedroom.

Custom DIY tree lamp for your home's interior living room
Tree Lamp WhimsicalHomeandGarden

Finally, one of the most interesting ways to incorporate tree branches with a purpose into your home is to use the branches as a part of light fixtures. These projects range from super easy to more difficult (but not so difficult you’ll need to call an electrician), and you can decide whether you’re looking to create a whole new light fixture or simply use branches to highlight the fixtures you have - for instance, branches can be a great way to hold a hanging lamp that adds to the lamp decor (instead of a plain metal hook) and serves a purpose. What a way to enjoy nature indoors!

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