Kitchen islands are one of the most useful features you can add to a kitchen by far. It’s an extra workspace that’s easy to appreciate, but what features can you add to the kitchen island itself to make it even better?

That’s what I’m here to tell you! As it turns out, kitchen islands can be more than just extra space. They can enhance your cooking experience, provide extra seating, and can even be a sneaky way to hide a trash can.

But let’s not spoil everything here in the intro, right? To help you plan for kitchen island features, here are the ones you can’t miss:

Seating for comfort

It’s pretty obvious but extra seating space is never a bad thing. You can use it for yourself while cooking for extended periods, or it can be used by friends and family to sit down and have a quick snack.

And the best part is that there are no big remodel necessary here – all you need are some stools and you’re done. And just like that, extra comfort in the kitchen for very little investment!

Outlet for appliances

At least one outlet in your kitchen island will prove to be super useful. It’s an easy spot to use a blender, toaster, food processor, air fryer, or any other kitchen appliance you need at the time. The need for a nearby outlet will always come up.

If you’re still in the planning phase of researching kitchen island ideas, this is an important step to consider because you will need to pull some electric wiring into your island. Be sure to add this note to the project, as it’s necessary to consider it as early as possible.

Storage and pull-out trash

There are many ways to add storage to your kitchen island, all of which are useful. Maybe you don’t need all of them, but a few of these would certainly help: 

Pull-out trash. These hidden trash cans are great for keeping things neat and organized. Usually, it’s a simple trashcan hidden inside a closet door or drawer that you pull out only when needed. Some kitchen islands will even have a small hole on top so that you can dispose of what you need without having to open the hidden compartment.

Wine storage. Many kitchen islands will have convenient wine storage on the side. It’s elegant and slick without taking up extra space.

Closet space. The most obvious way to get some extra storage is to have closet space under your kitchen island. Works wonders for storing useful appliances, as well as pots and pans.

Mini-fridge. A mini-fridge can come in handy for several reasons. Extra fridge space is already good, but it can help to store smaller items or ingredients that you use for cooking every day.

Quality countertop

Since one of the main reasons to even add a kitchen island is to cook, you want the best countertop material you can get. It’s probably the best kitchen island feature you need to decide on because the quality of the countertop can make or break this addition.

The most popular countertop materials are marble, granite, concrete, and butcher block. There are others still, so be sure to research the best countertop materials to make an informed decision!

Prep sink

The purpose of the prep sink is to offer you a convenient sink for preparing food. It’s not made to wash dishes, but to quickly clean vegetables and utensils without having to run across the kitchen to the other sink all the time.

As you can imagine, that’s incredibly useful not just for daily cooking, but even more so during busy seasons. Prep sinks are also common in outdoor kitchens for that reason!

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