There’s nothing better to start a new year than to declutter and clean everything at home. It’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and, at the same time, to set up the house for future projects!

Basically, with this declutter guide, you will get rid of all the stuff that’s getting in the way. Then you follow it up with a deep clean, and your home is ready to face the new year – and whatever other home improvement projects you decide to invest in.

And there’s a lot you can do, but first things first: let’s take care of the basics. Here’s your January house cleaning checklist!

Make a garage sale

Many people don’t even consider this, but while you’re decluttering you might as well make a small profit out of it. Take a few cardboard boxes and throw in anything you don’t need or want anymore, and when you have full stock, open a garage sale!

It’s a nice way to give new purpose to old items, clear a lot of storage in your home, and make a profit at the same time. You can also sell some stuff online, assuming they’re in good condition!

Clean the fridge

Cleaning the fridge should always be a top priority, especially at the start of the year!

The fridge has seen a lot of action these past few weeks due to the holidays and it’s time to give a thorough clean. By that I mean to go over any New Year’s leftover you might still have and decide if you can do anything with it.

If you can, then make good use of these leftovers quickly! If not, then get rid of it. Also take this moment to get rid of empty packages, bottles, and anything else you have no use for anymore. Once that is all done, you can actually clean the fridge with a cloth in case any grease or beverages got messy.

Old vs. New stuff

You probably received a lot of gifts over the holidays, and it’s very common to get new versions of stuff you already own – especially when it comes to clothing. This is why January decluttering is so important at the start of the year.

And as much as it hurts, we have to shave off some of the excesses. No need to throw things away if you really don’t want to, but at least store them away somewhere else and opt for using only one if you have extra.

When it comes to clothing, it’s a lot more delicate but lucky for you we already have a guide on decluttering for that very reason!

Sweep and vacuum

It’s never a bad idea to sweep and vacuum the house, especially after a busy month with tons of celebrations and a lot of back and forth. Sweep the floors and vacuum carpets and under furniture for a quick clean – it shouldn’t take very long but it makes a huge difference.

Professional cleaning services can help you here if you’re short on time!

Deep cleaning

Now, if you want to start the year off with a proper deep clean of the entire home, there’s a lot of work to do. In fact, much more than I can cover in one sitting, but we have plenty of helpful articles that can help you accomplish this by yourself.

And of course, you can always hire house cleaning services to do all the work for you, giving yourself a well-deserved break in the process!


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