The internet loves giving life hacks to readers, and it’s no different with cooking. Be it cleaning, baking, or making something tasty, the web holds many kitchen hacks that you can apply to your life. Here are some of the best kitchen hacks 2018 has to offer.

"Cook more often. Don't study; just cook." - Masaharu Morimoto

Stop Your Microwave from Drying Out Food

Dry pizza is bad pizza
Don't let your food dry out in the microwave! Source: imgur

Here’s a great kitchen hack that will prevent your microwave from zapping all the moisture of of food that you were trying to keep moist. Simply keep a microwave safe container of water next to the food that you’re reheating, and that will preserve the moisture. This will work on food such as:

  • Pizza
  • Turkey
  • Pasta
  • Chinese food
  • Gravy
  • Meatballs
  • Chicken

Flavor Cubes

Keep frozen until needed
Flavor cubes! Add some flavor! Source: Living on the cheap.

This one will preserve your herbs and make a great flavor dispenser for many dishes. Simply freeze your garlic, basil, parsley, or cilantro in some butter or olive oil and keep it in an ice tray. Then whenever the need arises, you can simply add that to a pot or pan of whatever you are cooking and it’ll taste as fresh as it ever was. Among the various kitchen hacks you have to try this has got to be number one.

Why Do They Call Them Strawberries?

Straw removal services
How to really top strawberries. Source: Musley

Use this kitchen hack to enjoy an effortless healthy snack. You can actually remove the top of a strawberry with a straw. By pushing the straw through the bottom of the fruit and out the top, you can effectively take the green part completely off.

The Underused Waffle Iron

This is the best kitchen hack, by far
Just put it in a waggle iron! Source: Amazon

Have a waffle iron that you only use for waffles? Well, no more! The waffle iron is criminally ignored in the kitchen. This is a shame because there are so many kitchen hacks that can be done with one! You can use a waffle iron to make:

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