Landscaping around square concrete patio

If you are looking for landscaping around a square concrete patio, you are probably one of the many people that is looking for a mix of concrete and nature in your outdoor area. Concrete is no longer an all-or-nothing feature. The past few years have brought it as a trend in balance.

Having an all-concrete patio can be unattractive and a bit too dead. All grass and greens, on the other hand, might be high-maintenance and less practical for daily use. Combining a concrete square patio design with landscaping greenery around it makes the perfect match.

Take a look at these concrete square patio landscaping ideas to get inspired for your home project!

How to Landscape Around a Concrete Patio

To landscape around concrete patios, you need to choose ideas that will complement the space you have and make it more inviting and complete. Surround it with shrubs, trees, vases, stones, or wood. All these options blend perfectly with the gray concrete of the patio.

Here are some concrete patio landscaping ideas for you to choose from – one or more!

1.  Mix Stones and Gravel

Mixing stones gravel

Stones and gravel are key options as they are super versatile. Choose from the many shapes, sizes, and colors and set them around your concrete patio. Another option is to build a retaining wall around the slab using stone or brick blocks.

Beware not to exaggerate the amount of stones and gravel and leave little space for green and other colors. The tip is to mix things up!

2.  Add Some Planters

Adding some planters

You can add planters around and within the concrete patio. They can be larger planters or multiple smaller ones, containing all sorts of flowers and plants. For square patio ideas, they will soften the edges of the patio.

3.  Install Garden Beds

Install garden beds

Dig out garden beds to maintain the open feeling of the patio and still balance the concrete aesthetics with green borders. This can be a good way out if you want to have things above ground level.

Just remember to choose an option that allows the perfect drainage of your garden beds.

Plus, vegetable garden beds are a top trend that will complement your patio well!

4.  Plant Bushes and Flowers

Planting bushes flowers

Maybe the most common alternative to landscape around square patios: bushes and flowers. Planting green shrubs directly to the ground and the patio – square or not – will feel cozier than never.

You should also try to plant perennials to add color to the space. After all, not only gray and green make a patio.

5.  Make Space for Some Trees

Make space some trees

Tall trees will bring privacy to your patio. They do not need to be all around the area, but some will add intimacy to the spot and create a nice ambiance to share with the people you most enjoy. Also, on hot days, the shade will be welcome!

Another cute tip is to spread string lights on the tree to make a peaceful evening atmosphere.

6.  Decorate with Wood

Decorate with wood

Wood is an elegant element to add to our patio, whether in furniture or other landscaping items. This rustic vibe is another blend that matches perfectly both concrete and green features. Your patio will look complete with all of these details!

7.  Put up Vertical Gardens

Put up vertical gardens

This trendy alternative of adding green around your patio is pretty unique and cool. It also brings privacy to the place and makes it fresh and comfortable. Maybe this is for you if you are not keen on getting your hands on the ground.

8.  Follow These Extra tips!

Cushions rug patio space

You can even use other alternatives that are not natural features to push the landscaping square patio designs! Some options are: to paint parts of the concrete patio in other colors or to add cushions and a rug in the space.

All these tips can be easily mixed and matched to compose a beautiful patio. Use these ideas for landscaping around a square concrete patio or hire our landscapers to make it even easier!

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