Easter comes around in one of the best times of the year. Spring is on the way, flowers have begun to bloom, and the air is growing warmer by the day. Even the sun is slower to set in this magical season. But like any holiday, Easter can also be a busy or even hectic time of year. With all the cooking, decorating, and Easter basket prep, it’s easy to imagine some things on the to do list slipping through the cracks. With that in mind, we’ve assembled this list of last minute Easter hacks to help make your holiday a hopping success!

Space-Age Easter Eggs

DIY eggs that are out of this world
Space eggs Dream a Little Bigger

These hand-painted Easter eggs are out of this world. They’re simple to make and a lot of fun for kids. Use a dropcloth or step outside to paint these amazing Easter oddities. And remember, Easter isn’t just for kids! This DIY, and other amazing ideas we also found on Pinterest would be a lot fun for grownups as well.

Angry Birds (Sort Of)

A classic video game come to life... kinda
Angry eggs Deviant Art

These Angry Birds inspired eggs are the perfect project for kids or adults who love to fire birds at pigs. These fun little guys would be a ton of fun for an Easter egg hunt, especially if you were to paint one egg solid gold as the ultimate prize!

The Fastest Easter Eggs

Designer eggs that you can stencil yourself
Stenciled eggs Designer Trapped

If you’re short on time but still need to get those eggs decorated, these super-cute Sharpie decorated eggs save tons of time as well as cleanup. These examples are stenciled, but free hand would be just as awesome. 

Displaying the Easter Treats

Dining room desert treats that look like a little bunny farm
Dining delights Bunny Pedestal

This little bunny certainly captures the sweetness of Easter as he holds your desserts aloft. This fun dessert server is unique enough to act as a centerpiece for your holiday table, and his design prevents tipping or rocking. And even better, you can buy this pedestal and have it by Easter day. 

A Taste Of Spring, Mediterranean Style

Looks amazing and tastes even better, kitchen suprise
Yummy Easter treats Sandwich Sunday

These delightful goat cheese-and-herb apps are truly amazing. The combination of both subtle and bold flavors really captures the changeable nature of spring in a bite sized package.

The Ultimate Side Dish

Cheesy goodness in a kitchen pan
Mac and amazingness Food Network

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? Better yet, who doesn’t love mac and cheese with ham in it? This breathtaking Easter dinner side is as easy to make as it is good to eat.

Hamming It Up

Ham, the ultimate kitchen surprise
Citrus ham Food Network

If you’re tired of the same Easter dinner, try this new twist on the old classic. Tangerines give the ham a very spring-like taste with deep notes of citrus. This recipe is simple and easy, and the hardest part is waiting for the ham to come out of the oven!

Not Your Mama’s Dessert

Delicious dining desserts
And for dessert Food Network

These parfaits are so easy, but your guests will swear you spent hours on them. This would also be a great dessert to have the kids help with, since it’s easy enough for even the youngest little bunnies.

Who Needs A Basket?

Adorable DIY crafts that the kids will enjoy
Bunny jars Crazy Little Projects

These simple and hilariously cute Mason-jar candy holders are a great DIY project to do either with kids or for kids. You could even fill them with candy and put them in an Easter basket for an extra fun surprise.

Put Some Bunny On It

Hangar wire bunny for some holiday decor
Wire bunnies Design Mom

If you need a last minute decoration that costs literally nothing, this is the project for you. This wire hanger bunny would look great on the front door to greet your Easter guests.

The Piece De Resistance

Country Living

This totally edible Easter centerpiece will make kids of all ages say “Wow!”. It’s simple to execute, but looks like you spent days getting it perfect. It’s up to you whether or not to reveal how easy it was! This would be an amazing project to do with kids.

Easter Gift Suggestions

Ring holder bunny in chrome for a stylish room centerpiece
Lil' chrome bunny Bunny Ring Holder

If you’re looking for an awesome Easter gift that stays awesome all year round, we recommend this awesome ring holder. The chrome finish on this ring-bearing bunny would look really nice in any bathroom or bedroom, or even next to the kitchen sink. The genius design of the ears means that rings will slip on and off them with ease.

Bunnies Painting on Canvas

This unique canvas print would be a perfect basket stuffer for your easter baskets this year right along side the chocolate and stuffed ducks and bunnies. It’s adorable and the best part about it is that it would look cute in the home year around.

Mr. Peter Cottontail is right around the corner, so we hope you’ll give some these fun and simple Easter projects or recipes a try. More importantly, we wish you all a safe and holiday season and an early start to spring!

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