Keeping your lawn looking good all year round is not that easy. There is much maintenance work needed to get this done right, including lawn rolling. The service is seen as one of the easiest and low-cost ways to keep the lawn looking fresh and neat. 

But just like most things, lawn rolling has its fair share of pros and cons that you should be fully aware of. In this post, we are going to look into lawn rolling in deeper detail and see if indeed it is worth the time or not! 

Is Lawn Rolling Good or Bad for Your Yard?

As noted above, you should expect several pros and cons when you do lawn rolling. But what are some of these pros and cons? 

Benefits of Lawn Rolling 

Leveling Minor Bumps 

The soil under the grass on the lawn will at some point develop bumps due to the absorption of moisture. These bumps can at times be small but they can also become bigger over time. Bumpy lawns are difficult to mow and they may also limit proper drainage, so it's safe to say that you do not want this. 

Rolling can help with this issue. In most cases, the best time to do the rolling will be during spring just before the rains start. As a golden rule, you may need to add a light top dressing before you begin. But if you do not have the tools needed for this, you can always get a professional to do lawn-rolling services for you.

Prepare for Seedlings 

Spring is one of the best seasons to plant the lawn, but you don’t want to be planting seedlings on bumpy land. 

Remember seedlings need to be carefully leveled to grow in unison. Rolling can help flatten the soil and, in the process, prepare the land for planting. 

Also, some homeowners simply roll after placing the seeds. This is done to ensure that the seedlings go deeper into the soil. It’s also an easy way to plant since you can just throw seeds all over the lawn and roll over to press them into the soil.

Laying Sod 

Sod is an important part of any lawn and it can help the grass grow even healthier. But laying sod in an even and quick way is not as simple as it seems. 

You may need a good roller to deal with this in the long run. Besides, rolling will help the sod to take root deep into the soil, something that will allow for faster growth.

Perfect Grass

Everybody looks at that soft grass on the golf course and wishes it was their lawn, right? While there are many ways to make your grass look like that, using a roller can be part of it. 

After all, the roller will help compress the grass and flatten it out as evenly as possible. This will in the end give the lawn more curb appeal and make it more beautiful.

Disadvantages of Lawn Rolling

Before you get rolling services for your lawn, it is also essential to consider all the possible cons. 

  • The first one is based on the fact that the soil could become significantly compact. This will limit air circulation and eventually, it will affect the grass. 
  • Also, a compact lawn means that water will have a hard time making it into the roots. It will just slide off the surface and wash away. Even with good lawn services, these risks are always there. 
  • It is also very easy to damage the grass with a heavy-duty roller. In fact, for people with young and delicate grass, rolling is prohibited. If you do it, you may end up needing grass patch repair, something that will cost you more money than you had planned. 

But despite these cons, the benefits of lawn rolling outweigh the cons. You can still consider this as part of your lawn maintenance.

When done by a professional, lawn rolling makes your yard look better than it has in years!


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