Many homeowners decide to install an outdoor privacy screen for a variety of reasons. It can block unsightly views, provide a beautiful focal point for the backyard and can provide the family with greater privacy while out enjoying their outdoor spaces.

There’s also many materials to choose from, so adding a yard privacy screen can also help with the home’s decoration. Screens can be found made of many materials that include wood, glass, wrought iron, latticework, and plenty of other types, fitting most people’s styles and decor.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn more about this practical problem-solver and why it might just be what your yard needs! 

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Define a Specific Space

Many homeowners like to have their outdoor areas partitioned off somewhat, and adding a gorgeous landscape screen can do just that, defining a specific area. 

For instance, a partial screen around a deck, pool or patio can create a cozy seating area that is more conducive to quiet and intimate conversations.

Improve Privacy 

If your home is situated too close to a neighboring home or property, consider installing one of the many available landscape screens to give an area a bit more privacy. 

Building an attractive fence or other type of screen can partially or fully block off your desired outdoor area from prying eyes of neighbors or passerby traffic. Some types also help to keep sound levels down as an extra unexpected perk.

However, you don’t need to install a proper fence to block a view. There are many different options that you can go for that achieve the same effect:

  • Installing a screen and plating live green plants to create a living fence 
  • Plant tall plants or bushes 
  • Planting a vertical garden 
  • Adding a larger fire feature like a fireplace to block off a line of view
  • Going all out with a brick outdoor kitchen enclosure
  • A waterfall wall 
  • And many others

Block Winds To Make the Space More Comfortable 

You can also install a fence to block wind from blowing too hard across a patio, like this open lattice type wooden screen. This allows partial view of the space, and it works perfectly if the homeowner is not trying to completely block a view in some direction.

Keep the Pool and Hot Tub More Intimate

If you desire greater privacy surrounding the pool, hot tub, changing or shower area but do not want to completely block out airflow, consider installing a carefully constructed screen or raising a fence wall so that there is an open space near the ground and higher up. 

These ideas will block the view but also allow breezes to still flow through the yard.

Considerations Before Determining What Type of Landscape Screen Is Best

Before running out to purchase, build or hire a contractor to add a landscape screen to your property, there are several considerations that should be given some thought before determining what type of landscape screen is best for your unique yard and purpose preferences.

Some things to consider include:

  • Purpose of a Screen - Privacy, Block Wind/Sun, Add Charm or Increase Interest
  • Type of Material Preferred
  • Size of Screen & Where it Will Be Installed
  • Color Combinations & Texture or Finish Options
  • Full Screen or Partial Screen Partitions
  • Type of Climate in Your Area
  • Budget Limitations & Costs
  • Design Style Preferences
  • Amount of Maintenance Required
  • Where to Find a Professional Landscape Screen Installer

Pros & Cons of Available Landscape Screen Material Types

Any space can benefit with a screen. Source: HGTV
Any space can benefit with a screen. Source: HGTV

There are pros and cons for any material choice made when selecting an appropriate landscape screen type that will work in your outdoor spaces.


Natural wood is an excellent choice for a landscape screen. This material looks terrific and can blend with many existing home architectural styles and design types. The costs of the individual wood types will vary. 

A possible negative factor for a wooden privacy or decorative screen is that most require regular ongoing maintenance and upkeep tasks to remain in good condition through the years.


Glass is a lovely selection for an attractive and modern looking landscape screen material. This material blends well with just about any architectural design style, and it is particularly suited for contemporary designs with clean lines and minimalist features. 

Glass can be frosted or textured to provide a bit more privacy, and glass is often combined with another material to increase strength and durability of the structure.


Screens crafted from metal can also look sharp and will go well with a variety of design styles as well. Thinner and combination material screens, like aluminum and tin, will require maintenance and may rust or not hold up well in areas with extreme temperature ranges and inclement weather. Bronze and wrought iron are considered thicker and possess greater durability.

Contact a Local Contractor

Many other material choices are available, it depends on your preferences. Learn more about landscape screens from a local contractor that provides installation and custom design services for these stunning landscape additions.            

Contact a local fencing contractor and request a free quote for a landscape screen! 


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