Lighting might seem like one of the most subtle parts of decoration and interior design, but far from it – lighting is absolutely crucial to a good look. And for a simple reason too: light is what makes us see things. 

Objects all around us are simply reflecting color because of the light reaching them, and the color of the light changes how the objects look. For example, a blue light reflecting off a white object will make that object look blue.

Suffice to say light itself is a big deal, but not only that, the light fixture and the way we display it also comes into play – and that’s where style comes in.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! – Audrey Hepburn

Embedded Lights

Embedded lights
Embedded lights are modern and stylish! Source: The Spruce

Embedded lights are seen in many modern buildings, but you can bring that into your home for an incredible visual that hides the light sources and creates an almost ethereal atmosphere.

In this case, it does help to have white walls and ceilings to compliment the light source and make it reflect well off the rest of the environment. Most of the light in the room will be very soft, without any hard shadows or dark spots. Combine that with an elegant large mirror in a main room, and it will feel like a mansion in heaven.

The downside is that embedded lights require a decent amount of preparation and work, but the look definitely pays off.

Standing light

standing light
Standing lights are easy ways to add light to your home. Source: Ideal Home

On the subject of easier lighting ideas, this one requires basically no preparation at all. The idea is to acquire a standing light to make “the coolest thing about a corner. It can be a reading corner, or just the corner of your living room – the standing light will simply make that corner more special. 

You will notice this technique used in ways where the standing light isn’t even the main source of light, it’s literally there just for the visual appeal. But if you’re making it a reading corner, it fits perfectly!

Soft and warm light bulbs

soft and warm light bulbs
Soft and warm lights make for a cozy environment. Source: Real Homes

The main focus here is on the softness of the light. These offer a uniform and smooth light source, as opposed to the industrial look of raw light bulbs and it’s mechanisms (which we’ll talk about soon).

The idea is that these light bulbs are not the main source of light at all times – their job is to look good and create a nice atmosphere. Here, the natural sunlight looks much colder in comparison, but if you imagine during nighttime, these light bulbs would be responsible for a warm and cozy atmosphere on their own.

Stand out chandelier

Stand out chandelier
Chandeliers are amazing stand out lighting fixtures. Source: ofdesign

Honestly, the main purpose of chandeliers IS to stand out and bedazzle – not so much to actually light up the room. You will find some alternatives that offer pretty solid light sources and those are great, but in a lot of cases, the light itself is not really the point.

Of course the ideal is if it works both ways. You want a bold, beautiful chandelier that calls for attention, and preferably, that also works as a solid light source when needed.

The main disclaimer when it comes to chandeliers is that they require some maintenance – they will get dusty and dirty over time, and depending on how it’s design, you might have more or less work in your hands, so keep that in mind when purchasing one.

Industrial lighting

industrial lighting
Industrial lighting is a niche lighting idea, but it creates an incredible unique look. Source: Etsy

Industrial lighting is certainly the odd choice here, but there’s a reason so many people fell in love with it. The concept is almost the opposite of all the others – instead of hiding wires and making light sources soft, you show the wires, the socket, and the light bulbs pure, as they are.

This is often combined with metal pipes or wooden details (as seen above) to smooth out a bit of the roughness while maintaining the style, but the roughness is key here. You’ll often see black and thick wires, dark metal sockets, sometimes with simulated rust and roughness to the paint.

Industrial lighting is certainly a more niche idea, but if you like it, you can work towards it and make a truly unique look!

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