Types of lighting: 5 most used and when to use

What are the most used types of lighting? You can go for general, useful, cozy, adaptable or personal lighting! Your choice depends on each room of the house and what kind of activities you and your family intend to do on them. Just remember to put functionality and comfort above beauty. Read more!

1.  General Lighting

General Lighting

Every lighting installation must have at least one general light. This one lightens up the hole room or, at least, most of the area, and it's also known as ambient light. General lighting is important for you and your family to walk along the space and see each other, for example. Sounds obvious, but...

The ambient lighting is basic and also important and can be found in different ways, such as ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures.

2.  Useful Lighting

Useful lighting

This lighting type is more specific and can be found placed as spots: at the center table, on corners or next to the armchair, for example. Useful lights, as the name already says, are used for specific activities. They are not only for lighting the place, but for many tasks, such as cleaning the dishes (believe it!), reading, writing or any other thing that may require a better visualization.

A good benefit of this lighting style is the flexibility – depending on which design you choose, you can move the lights from one place to another. There are many options for you to buy, so search deeply.

3.  Cozy Lighting

Cozy lighting

It’s important for any homeowner to know that interior lightning can also impact the coziness of the home. Not always the general and useful lightning are also the cozier ones. Therefore, besides choosing both of them for your rooms, go for another one that gives that wraparound feeling, you know?

4.  Adaptable Lighting

Adaptable lighting

Your general, useful and/or cozy lighting can also be adaptable. Or you can choose one more lamp that you can control using a dimmer, for example. Why? You know that feeling when you’re watching TV or reading a book and the lighting of the space doesn’t match the task? That's why.

You don't need to be uncomfortable with lights way too dark or way too bright inside your own house. Get an adaptable light. At first, it might not seem important, however, it can be one of the most important lighting tips for homes. For your eyes, too!

5.  Personal Lighting

Personal lighting

That lighting is important for your comfort and happiness and for your house to show a little bit of your personality in every room. Take a look at the lighting you already have and see if you need another one that is more personal or not. If you do, we suggest you search for some ideas before going out and shopping.

Extra tip: adapt! Maybe a spotlight placed at some specific area, such as your favorite painting or your bookshelf, will do the job. Give it a try.

As you know, lighting is one of the most important things to do in your house décor. It influences the style and even the dimension of the rooms. Need some help to choose your lights? Talk to someone that knows everything about lighting installation. What about a lighting contractor?

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