Sometimes we can’t wait to pack our bags and head on to an adventure around the world, but sometimes we can’t help the feeling of laziness just thinking about all the effort required to travel. With that in mind, these 5 hotels decided to make a couple of nice acts (or you could call them jokes) to keep you excited for your next travel!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” - Saint Augustine

This Hotel That Worries About Cleaning

Clean hotel.
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Yeah, cleaning is something we always worry about in hotels. Did they change the sheets? Did they wash the towels? Did they sweep under the bed? Well, this hotel sure did! And they made sure to tell you about it!

This Hotel That Really Cares About You

Bath rubber duck.
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Whenever you travel alone, it can get quite lonely, but not when you go to a hotel like this. They really do care about your well-being, don’t they?

This Hotel That’s An Example of Providing Comfort

Pillow menu.
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Now, how about this hotel that not only has lots of pillow options but they even give you a “menu” with samples to see which you like best? They sure take good care of their guests!

This Hotel That Wants You to Smile

Cute towel art.
Image source: deMilked

I mean, this one was just too adorable not to get on the list. I’ve seen hotels that folded towels into a suit and tie if you’re on a business trip or other creative things. But I had never seen this adorable friend - they even put the eyes on it! So cute!

This Hotel That Wants You to Sleep Well

Bedtime stories number.
Image source: deMilked

Last, but not least: this hotel phone offers a number exclusively for bedtime stories. For grown-ups or kids? It doesn’t really matter, they have it all!

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