With all the focus on Mother's Day (just around the corner!), it’s easy to make sure Mom stops working, takes some time off, and enjoys relaxing while you celebrate on Sunday. But what about the other 364 days of the year? Whether a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, the work is never done, which is probably why so many moms want nothing else than a relaxing Mother’s Day with no cleaning or watching the kids. To honor moms everywhere, we’ve compiled a list of “mom hacks” - life hacks, or tips and tricks, to help moms make difficult tasks easier and quicker - that’ll save Mom time and energy any day of the year. Besides finding someone to clean the house, what better way to give her time to enjoy the gifts she got on Mother’s Day?

Mom Hacks for Every Day of the Year


DIY wall decor that suits your home interior
Wall decor Somewhat Simple

We can’t overstate the benefits of using Command hooks anywhere and everywhere you can think of. From the laundry room to bedroom closets, these removable hooks help keep things organized (even kids can manage hooks!) without leaving holes that eventually need spackling or other wall repair.

Make your interior walls functional as a tool holder
Garage projects Homedit

Peg boards are more often seen in the garage or toolshed, but moms everywhere can benefit from using pegboards to hang cleaning supplies to office supplies to kids’ toys. You can install pegs, hooks, or hanging baskets based on Mom’s specific needs.

Custom living room furniture
Custom living room furniture 1st Dibs

Somehow, there always seems to be paperwork to sign, from field trip waivers to school information. Keep the forms organized (and not spread over the counter) with an inbox/outbox system - unsigned forms go in the inbox until signed, then they get put in the outbox so they don’t get forgotten in the morning. Simple idea, seriously helpful.

Kitchen refrigerator life hacks for mommy
Kitchen hacks Appliances Online

We’ve all had the experience of buying duplicate condiments because we couldn’t see behind the leftovers in the fridge - instead, use a Lazy Susan for better organization. Moms can reach what they need better and there’s less waste!

Wall art decor for a home interior
Interior wall art decor Inexposed

If you have artistically-minded young kids, an easy way to hang finished or drying artwork is to install a laundry line with clothespins along a bedroom wall. Art can be switched in and out and, most importantly, stays off the floor.


DIY bathroom remodeling organization
Bathroom organizing Martha Stewart

Bridging the gap between organizing and cleaning, install a spring-loaded shower rod under the sink and hang bottles on that. It’ll clear out space so mom doesn’t have to clean under the sink just to reach cleaning supplies for the bathroom.

Keep your home interior organized with these closet hacks
Custom closet organization FaithTap

Of course, for the non-spray bottles, a hanging shoe organizer like the one pictured is a great way to keep things organized and out of the way. Plus, it’s much easier to see when you’re out of something. Great for kids’ smaller toys, too!

Even vacuum cleaning hacks for the home interior
Vacuum cleaning tricks Aini Site

Finding small things, like little ones’ earring backs, has never been easier than with this mom hack - stretch a section of hose or tights over the end of a vacuum nozzle and vacuum the floor. You’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for without losing it to the vacuum.

Appliance hacks: microwaves, ovens, toasters
Microwave hacks Daisies and Pie

Cleaning the microwave can mean hours of scrubbing, but instead, microwave a mixture of water, vinegar, and lemon juice for 3 minutes and let the steam loosen any food particles. Easy!

Dishwasher cleaning hacks for mom
Dishwasher appliance hacks BradyLou

Dishwashers already get a lot of use, but they can be great for getting kids’ toys clean and sanitized, too! As long as everything is dishwasher-safe, of course, load the toys in and run the dishwasher as normal. Way less scrubbing for a busy mom.

Glittery home remedies for a home interior
Glitter RedBubble

Glitter is one of the most hated crafting supplies because it gets everywhere and is impossible to get rid of … at least it was! If you’re a mom cleaning up after a kid who can’t live without sparkles, use playdough to pick up glitter that’s made its way to the floor or table top.

DIY wall art decor for a home interior
Wall art How We Montessori

This mom hack takes direction from Montessori methods: if you’re setting up a particularly messy activity for your kids, give each one a tray to create on (think plastic school lunch trays). They’ll have a workspace laid out for them, and clean up is far easier and less of a big deal (paint spills, anyone?).

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