As of this May, vaccines for COVID have been rolling out well but it’s still not totally safe to leave the house without a mask, meaning some of us prefer to celebrate this wonderful day from home. And thus, for Mother’s Day, this might be the perfect opportunity to surprise your mom with a small celebration, gifts, and a nice long chat.

And hey, these ideas also work if you simply live far away or can’t visit at the moment. All of the following are meant to work from home and there are many ways you can surprise your mom before May 9th, since a lot of these also work as last-minute solutions.

“My mother said to me, 'If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.' Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso. – Pablo Picasso

Movie night

A movie night is a charming way to spend some time together. There are plenty of options too, since you can choose and watch a new movie together or maybe revisit one of your mom’s favorite movies. 

If you live far away or can’t visit her this weekend, then you can easily set up FaceTime, call her on Whatsapp or use any other apps to keep talking while the movie plays out on Netflix. 

If you want some inspiration, here are 12 great movies to watch on Mother’s Day!

Offer a home improvement service

A lot of the time, we have small home improvement issues that we wish to solve but just never get around to it. Sometimes it’s due to budget, other times it’s just because we never pick up the phone to do it.

Try to notice if your mom comments on a particular issue about her place that you could solve – especially if they’re elderly by now. Then, you can hire the services, giving your mom a much better home to live in!

Even if it’s something simple, like fixing a leaky faucet or taking care of her lawn, it will already bring a smile to her face. 

Make breakfast

Mom’s are usually the ones who always make breakfast, so it’s time to switch it around a bit. Choose a simple Mother’s Day recipe that she likes and make it for breakfast early on – it could be the start of a wonderful day together.

If you don’t live with her or can’t deliver it yourself, then contact a local service to send her a delicious breakfast. She will absolutely love the surprise! 

Gift her an online class

Mom’s are not ones to rest on their laurels and sleep the day in. If your mom happens to be an avid learner, you can give her online classes about a subject that she loves. Sewing or gardening are courses that come to mind as popular choices, but that’s only the beginning.

I highly recommend checking out these two places: first, Skillshare, a great place to find courses on just about anything you can imagine. Second, Masterclass, for lessons given by masters of the craft like Gordon Ramsay (cooking), Neil Gaiman (writing), Ron Finley (gardening), and many others.

Disclaimer: we are not sponsored in any way by either of these, I just find them to be great options!

Share a video call

Many Americans live away from their moms, which can make it hard to stay in touch – especially during this last year. A way to reconnect in safety is via video call. These are very easy to set up with FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, or basically any messaging app nowadays.

Phone calls and text messages are also fine, but there’s a different more tangible feeling of belonging when you can see each other!

Besides, a fun way to celebrate Mother’s day is setting up a video call and reminiscing about old stories. One of my absolute favorite things to do is share old stories from when I was little with my mom. It’s fun because I always remember the story a little differently and she always has extra details I wasn’t aware of, often giving these stories new context. 

Give her a homemade gift

Purchasing a gift is always great, especially if it’s something your mother wants or needs. But you can also switch it up by making a DIY Mother’s Day gift. It’s sweet, thoughtful, and doesn’t require any expert crafting knowledge on your part.

In fact, you can give her a DIY gift along with something else you bought for her, making the entire package more special!

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