If there’s someone in our lives that’s just that special is definitely our moms. Whether they’re birth moms, adoptive moms, or even grandmas and aunts, the ladies that helped shape us into what we are today deserve all the love in the world. And sometimes, a gift just isn’t enough to show just how much you love her. That’s why I’ve gathered some ideas to surprise her on mother’s day!

These are a few activities that can be really fun and she’ll definitely love that you thought of every detail to spend some quality time together!

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend. — Unknown

Go on a mini road trip

A road trip is a great opportunity to bond with your mom.
A road trip is a great opportunity to bond with your mom. Source: The Mandagies

You don’t need to go on a super road trip and stay on the road for several hours, after all, you want to enjoy the day with your mom! So plan to go to a place that’s far enough from where you live in a way you can have time to talk and update on each other’s lives along the way, but not so far that you’ll be too tired once you get to your destiny. It’ll all depend on the area you live in, so do a bit of research with anticipation.

Think things like:

  • A museum
  • The park
  • A relative’s house
  • An outlet mall
  • A farmer’s market

Plan a day activity she loves

A picnic in the early morning will be lovely.
A picnic in the early morning will be lovely! Source: Bloglovin’

Day activities can be really light and fun, especially when in good company like you’ll be! It can be something like:

  • A picnic
  • Go hiking
  • Going to a museum
  • Taking a walk in a botanical garden
  • Going to the movies

These are just a few ideas among the many options you have to hang out with your mom. And of course, you know her better than I do, so I’m sure you can think of something that she’ll simply love to do with you on this special day!

Karaoke night

If you plan to meet your mom to celebrate Mother’s Day during the night, you can totally plan a karaoke night with the whole family and even invite some of her best friends too! It’d be a great way to throw a Mother’s Day surprise party and I’m sure she would love to have all her loved ones near her on this special day.

Get some finger food, some wine, and all the greatest hits to have a memorable time!

Take a class together

Not that mom needs a cooking class, but it'll be fun to do something together.
Not that mom needs a cooking class, but it’ll be fun to do something together. Source: Lonny

My mom, for example, loves to sew. She’s been taking a course for about two years now and she’s always so excited with all the new things she learns that I’d consider a specific sewing class to take her. There are places that offer things like “learning to sew a purse (I don’t really know that much about these things, but I have seen something like that before).

If you look in the right places (and ask the right people), I’m sure you will be able to find great classes to take your mom and have a great time together!

Classes you can look for can be cooking, pottery, acting for beginners...Be creative!

Volunteer for a cause

There are shelters that allow you to walk the dogs.
There are shelters that allow you to walk the dogs! Source: Mother Nature Work

If you and your mom are involved in social causes (even if you’re not, I’m sure it’d mean a lot to her if you decided to join her for this one day), you can find a local place to volunteer for a couple of hours. Some places that take volunteers are:

  • Animal rescue shelters
  • Food bank
  • National parks

I, personally, love going to the animal rescue shelters so I highly recommend that, it’s an amazing experience. However, you can pick what’s best for you and your mom!

What will you do to surprise your mom? We’d love to have you sharing your creativity on Facebook with us!

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