After a long year, there’s no better way to celebrate the beginning of a new cycle than with a party, so why not be a little more creative this year? Here are a few New Year’s party ideas for you to start 2022 in the best way possible! 

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." – Eleanor Roosevelt

Choose a Fun Theme

It’s not only on Halloween that costumes are available. Choose a fun theme and make it be the soul of the party. From Funky Disco to Wild West, and Great Gatsby to Medieval Castle, there are a huge amount of options for you to discover and decide which one of them fits the best to be your New Year’s Eve decoration.

And if you might want to add a bonus for the party, you can also have a friendly costume competition with an amusing award tempting enough to make people participate in it. It may be the key for people to try their best outfits and have fun with it! 

Source: Giggles Galore
Source: Giggles Galore

Have Your Own Ball Drop

One of the famous New York traditions, but you can have it in your party too.

Make your own ball drop - or buy it if you prefer to - and recreate the Times Square’s tradition the way you want, bringing it to your party and sharing it with your guests.

If you prefer to do it yourself, I found an interesting tutorial by Giggles Galore on how to make one using a foam ball, glitter, and a Wooden Dowel. Check it out

Have a Countdown Wall

Counting the seconds to the next year with a huge countdown is something that everybody loves. With a big clock or any type of minute counter, you can bring this custom to your party as a beautiful addition of decoration for New Year’s Eve. 

This is also as a fun way to celebrate the New Year’s turning and share your holiday spirit with your friends and family.

Be Creative: Decorate Your Drinks

Show your creativity in things you thought could never make any difference, but it does. For example, be creative about your New Year’s drinks: Decorate the base of your champagne glasses with glitter and add edible accessories and fruits to the drinks.

And, if you might like, pick names for the drinks you’ll provide. Even the details are important for your New Year’s decoration. 

Picture the moments: A Photo Booth

Since we’re always trying to capture the happy moments we live by taking photos and selfies, it would be great to have an actual structure to do it in your party. 

Have the perfect place to create and picture your New Year’s Eve moments with a photo booth. You can rent it easily, but if you don’t want to, there’s a way around it: have an instant camera well positioned and add a shining background. And there is your photo booth! 

And you also have the option of providing fun accessories for the pictures. It can be just some more amusing details, but enjoying making funny faces and beautiful poses with your friends and being able to save it for the next and long future never is too much.

Bury a Time Capsule

A time capsule is a box or any type of container that keeps small objects and is buried with the objective to be unearthed in the future.

And since it’s New Year’s, you can bury more than personal stuff, but also goals you want to reach next year, or just eventually. Write down some objectives you and your friends are determined to achieve and bury along to the time capsule.

And you don’t even need to dig it up next New Year’s Eve. You can unbury it in 5 or 10 years, if you wish to. The longer you choose to unearth the time capsule, the funnier and more emotional the moment will be.

Set Up a Dynamic Bar

If drinks and cocktails are part of your holiday celebration, why not try setting up a DIY station? Have a dynamic bar, where everyone is allowed to make their own drink, or even try their hand at new cocktail mixes if feeling brave enough to.

Make sure you provide the necessary mixology supplies and make this adventure available to anyone who may want to venture out at the bar. Then, finally, have fun making your own cocktails and creating new ones.

And don’t forget: Alcohol is only for adults over the legal drinking age. Drink responsibly.

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