The New Year is approaching fast and I'm here to help you decide on what to do for your party! There are simple things you can do to make this celebration even more special. It will be a fun day filled with excitement, so let's turn that dial over a few more times, eh?

From decoration to New Year’s party games, there are tons of ways you can celebrate with friends and family alike, making sure everyone has a good time during the very last day of the year.

New Year’s Resolution

Everyone will likely have their New Year's resolution in their heads when the time comes, but perhaps you can encourage a ritual of sorts to really drive the point home. 

No one has to share their resolution if they don't want to, but you could have everyone write it down to solidify their intentions and then take the note home.


The 10-second countdown to the New Year is the most exciting moment of the night, so make sure everyone has a clear way of knowing when to pay attention. 

These countdowns are always broadcast live on television, but you can also have a clock in full sight so that everyone can see it happening when the time comes!

Decorate your drinks

Everyone loves a little decorative fluff, and if you don't have a lot of time to decorate for this party, focus on decorating the drinks! It's far less time-consuming, easy to DIY, and it ensures everyone will notice your decorative efforts -- because let's face it, everyone will have a drink!

Synchronize the turning of the year

One of my favorite things to do is to synchronize the exact moment the year turns with a piece of music or a scene from a movie. You've probably seen these around, like if you start the movie at a specific time on the 31st, the turning of the new year will sync with a certain scene!

For example, you can sync Avengers Endgame for the New Year to start as Iron Man does the snap. Or when Marty McFly comes back to 1985 in Back To The Future. There are so many possibilities!

Party games

Always a good way to pass the time and have fun, there are many party games that everyone can enjoy. These are a few of our favorite picks:

Uno. Easy to understand in a single round for beginners and always extremely competitive, it's always a good time.

Guess Who? You write a personality or historical character on a piece of paper, then pass it to the person on your right so that they can glue the paper to their forehead without anyone seeing what the other person wrote. Now everyone knows who you are, but you don't. The only way to find out is to ask questions until you can figure it out!

New Year's Resolution. Everyone writes one of their New Year's Resolutions on a piece of paper, which are then thrown inside a bowl. Now people have to pull a random one and read it and try to guess who it's from. If they guess wrong, they take a shot.

Cards Against Humanity. If you like something a bit more edgy, try getting your hands on a deck of Cards Against Humanity. Basically, you pull a random card that will contain a sentence missing a few words. Everyone will have cards with words in them, and you have to play them to create the funniest sentence possible -- the winner of the round is the one that makes the funniest sentence.

VR Games. Does one of your friends or family members own a VR headset? You can ask one of your friends to play a horror game and have everyone laugh. Trust me, it’s way scarier when you’re the one with the headset.

Decorate the house

Of course, decoration plays a big part in a New Year's celebration. Luckily we've already covered what you need to get inspired when it comes to New Year’s decoration. Take notes and get creative, you can do a lot without spending much!

Make time for those who can’t show up

If you have friends or family that couldn't show up because of whatever reason, try to make a bit of time to call them during the party. A simple gesture but it will be much appreciated on such an important occasion!

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