There are a lot of things you can do yourself to make sure you’re getting your house ready for guests.

For example,

  • Making space in the entryway
  • Make bathroom supplies easy to find and reach
  • Organize the most used ingredients in easy to reach cabinets
  • Add night lights so they won’t hit their pinkies on furniture while trying to find the bathroom
  • Keep an informational card with Wifi password and alarm codes they might need


There are a few services you will need actual pros to come in to deal with. It’s important that you get these done before your guests arrive to spend the holidays. After all, you don’t want any accidents or unpleasant surprises coming your way.

Besides, we all enjoy a clean, fresh-smelling home during this time of the year, but we can’t do it all by ourselves, right? So do it for them, and do it for you!

“I always believe holidays strengthen the family bond, away from our daily hectic schedules.” - Chiranjeevi

Update Heating System

Consider getting a smart air conditioner system you can control through your phone.
Consider getting a smart air conditioner system you can control through your phone. Image source: homeyou

Well, it’s pretty obvious the holidays come with the coldest time of the year. So waste no more time and get your heating system inspected and updated! Do you know how science and technology are always way ahead of us? Well, if you haven’t done it already, it’s about time to update your heating unit to a more energy-efficient model or even to transform your house into smart home by installing an upgraded heating system.

It’ll be good for several reasons, including: proper air distribution throughout the house, no more humidity problems, and no more weird noises coming from your furnace. Oh, and let’s not forget: an updated system will also shrink your electric and heating bills!

Get Fireplace and Chimney Cleaned

There's nothing like a cozy fireplace for cold winter days.
There’s nothing like a cozy fireplace for cold winter days. Image source: Unsplash

While some may think they can do it themselves, the fireplace and chimney should only be cleaned and inspected by professionals. Soot deposits eventually condense into creosote, a tarry, toxic substance, and it’s not worth risking your safety and health. Besides, chimney cleaning tools are pretty expensive and a hassle to store, usually not worth the investment.

Sometimes you just have got to let it go and hire a professional!

And this is one of those times!

A professional chimney sweep service will do the job in a lot less time and with a lot more efficiency that you would if you tried a DIY cleaning.

Tip: decorate your living room to make sure there are some cozy blankets around and keep some easy-to-make hot beverages ingredients in the kitchen. That way you can really get to spend some quality time with your guests!

Get Siding Inspected

Check your home's siding for signs of peeling paint and cracks.
Check your home’s siding for signs of peeling paint and cracks. Image source: Addison’s Wonderland

Did you know the siding of the house helps keep it warm and prevent moisture and mold issues? That alone should give you an idea on how important it is to get it inspected and see if everything’s alright.

A couple of indications you might have siding problems are:

  • Peeling paint on the house’s exterior
  • Peeling paint or sagging wallpaper inside the house
  • Cracks and holes
  • High energy bills

If you want to have a fully functioning home and comfortable guests, get your siding inspected!

Did you know it’s cheaper to install siding in Omaha, NE than in Reno, NV? That happens because materials and labor prices vary according to your location.

For the most accurate estimate in your region, call a local professional!

Thorough Cleaning

Having a clean home is refreshing for the eye and the soul.
Having a clean home is refreshing for the eye and the soul. Image source: The New Family

You can start by decluttering your home and then call a professional cleaning service to take care of everything else. It’ll be great to have everything spotless for once - especially the guest bedroom and bathroom!

Tip: Make sure to have clean towels, sheets, pillows, and blankets so your guests can feel super welcome!

More than that,

Floors and carpets in main areas of the house, such as the living room and kitchen, are really important to clean too. And talking about the kitchen, be sure to have the fridge and oven deep cleaned. It’s an important step to have your kitchen ready to cook Christmas recipes for your guests!

Exterior Check

Get your exterior ready to receive some gorgeous holiday decor too.
Get your exterior ready to receive some gorgeous holiday decor too. Image source: DIY Network

What does this exterior check include? It includes some services to get your home ready for winter:

Extra: Baby-Proof the House

This may not seem so important if you don’t have kids around, but if the guests you’re welcoming into your home have babies or toddlers, you will need to baby-proof the house. You don’t need to invest on every little thing, but be sure to cover outlets, install some simple baby gates on stairs, and make sure there are no tablecloths hanging, electric cords, sharp objects or anything like that where their sneaky little hands could easily reach.

Get a complete home inspection to find out which services you need! Get a free quote from a local professional here!

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