One of the most important steps after acquiring a new home or moving to a new city is finding and nurturing relationships with the pros that will make sure your house is always in great shape.

These pros range from painters to landscapers, but let’s take a closer look at who they are and why you need them. Slowly but surely you’ll be able to find pros that you trust in each of these areas of expertise, so that whenever you need remodels, additions or simply repairs, you have a team to rely on!

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. – Mother Teresa


A local professional painter will take care of any painting project, big or small. A reliable painter will have a team to speed up bigger projects, but painting companies are also worth looking into, since they already have a “know-how in place that facilitates the entire process.

Most importantly though, painting is the recommended project if you’re looking for a whole new look – old paint or a bad color choice can ruin a room or the exterior of your home. If you want a dramatic change that will make your home look brand new, you go for a professional painter.


Plumbing comes around all the time as a homeowner, whether it’s for a bathroom or kitchen problem. And it always seems to come at the worst possible moment too, because we usually notice something wrong as we’re trying to use them.

So having a good local plumber you can rely on is a huge benefit.

There are other more situational services plumbers can help with too, like protecting your pipes and faucets from winter frost and identifying leaks in awkward places.


The handyman is your “swiss knife pro. They can deal with most basic services you throw at them, and can even work into other areas to some degree – for example, for easier plumbing repairs. 

A handyperson is who’ll you’ll most likely call whenever any minor problem comes up, since they are usually faster to respond and to finish the job, given how they focus on minor tasks rather than big projects.

Basically, if you have an emergency, you’re much more likely to get help calling a local handyman!

Chimney sweeper

Chimneys are extremely important for homeowners who want that cozy fireplace for the winter. It lets smoke escape your home safely and keeps everyone warm, it’s perfect… but it needs some care.

A chimney that goes a long time without cleaning can become a fire hazard by itself. Be sure to have it sweeped regularly and have it cleaned at least once a year by a professional(depending on how much you use it). 

House cleaner

House cleaning is a service most homeowners overlook, but only until they’ve hired once for themselves and realize how much time and effort it saves! Big houses are particularly hard to keep clean, so hiring a house cleaning service for a good price makes your life so much easier – you can just relax, enjoy some free time, and always have a clean home.

It’s also super useful for when you have to plan a party for relatives (like 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on) and you don’t have time to take care of everything yourself. 

Roofing service

The roof is what will protect you against the sun, rain and weather hazards, but no roofing material or setup is unbreakable and we must always make sure everything is in top shape. A roofing contractor will fix any loose or broken shingles from bad weather or replace your shingles entirely if necessary.

While you’re at it, be sure to look up a gutter professional as well – your gutters must be cleaned regularly so they don’t clog!

HVAC professional

Good for winter and summer, a good HVAC system will be the main responsible for providing good ventilation throughout your home. This is especially important if you have a large home that is hard to heat during the winter and hard to ventilate during the summer!

An HVAC professional will be responsible for fixing any problems related to heating and cooling, but also finding leaky ducts, inspecting them for issues, replacing filters, and so on. These kinds of tasks are usually not DIY friendly and very time consuming as well, so a professional is always recommended!


Cutting the grass is perfectly doable for most homeowners, but that’s not what landscaping is all about. Professional landscapers will design something incredible for your yard that involves patches of grass, flowers, shrubs, and so much more.

Plus, if you want a garden to take care of, professional landscapers will know which flowers need less maintenance for beginners so you can take care of it mostly by yourself!

Tree services

Landscapers can also help with this to a degree, but this is more of a practical job – trees are beautiful, but they can grow in ways that create inconveniences for your home or may even put your roof or siding in danger. 

The two most common examples are trees that start brushing against the side of your home, which combined with windy days, can cause some serious damage to your paint; and the tree that grows over the house, meaning branches and leaves are constantly falling over your roof, which can break shingles and clog gutters.

Always have a tree trimming professional ready for when you need it!


Every homeowner has already dealt with electrical maintenance, whether it was replacing a faulty outlet or a burnt out lamp – but the recommended is to always call a local electrician. Dealing with electricity can be dangerous, especially if you have little to no experience and decide to try a task because it may look simple.

Electricians have the necessary tools to perform repairs safely, and they can do it much faster than inexperienced homeowners.

If you need help with any service around the house, you can get free quotes from professionals in your area today! 


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