As much as I like the cute tail wags and wet noses of dogs, when it comes down to it, I am a cat person through and through. Cats have a wide range of personalities, attitudes and so much love to offer even if they are resistant to show their human their affection. Everything from waking up with a cat sleeping on my face to the irritating adorable habit of pushing literally anything of a counter or table they have claimed as their own, makes me love cats so much more. So much so that not only is my apartment cat friendly, but filled with little things that let all my guests know that this is the cat’s house and I’m only living in it. If you are on the same side of the cat loving spectrum as me, check out these adorable ways to make your home purrrrfect.

The Sophisticated Cat

Classy cat pillows will show your love of cats and of course, keep it classy!
Make your home a real class act with the classy cat pillow!
Source: Meowingtons

Show off your (and your cat’s) sophisticated side with this adorable pillow for your couch or bedroom. As long as you don’t find yourself sitting down for tea time with your cat, you can avoid “crazy cat lady” status.

Snuggly Cat Body Pillow

Get snuggly with this cat body pillow.
You and your cat can snuggle with this adorable body pillow.
Source: Wind and Weather

Snuggling with your cat is the best but unless you are snuggling with a tiger (which I don’t recommend), this body pillow is going to be the more comfortable option! Settle down for some rest with this soft and adorable pillow.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Cat salt and pepper shakers can spice up your kitchen!
Spice up your kitchen with these cat salt and pepper shakers!
Source: Not on the High Street

Why limit yourself to the living room and bedroom when it comes to cat decor? Instead of letting your cat all over your counters and risking spaghetti a la cat hair, get these salt and pepper shakers for your kitchen and meals!

Kitty Cat Ring Holder

Hold your favorite jewelry with this kitty cat ring holder.
Keep your favorite rings all in one place with this kitty ring holder!
Source: Michaels 

If you are trying to keep the cat lady vibes to a minimum, this jewelry bowl with a cat tail ring holder is the perfect way to show your team cat loyalty.

Naughty Cat Plates

Cats can be devious, but we love them anyway. Celebrate their hijinks with these naughty cat plates.
Get cat scratch fever with these adorable naughty cat plates. 
Source: Miya Company

Our lovely little fluffballs can have a dark side as we all know. From love bites to knocking over glasses of water and my least favorite...the scratching of literally everything. Including me. These cute plates turn that kitty quality into a perfect dining set for your home.

The Curious Cat Rug

Curiosity and cats go hand in hand, get your hands on this curious cat rug for your home!
This curious cat rug is a perfect comic relief in any home.
Source: Wayfair

If you want to make more of a statement in your home but maintain a stylish space, this rug is a great option! It’s colorful and beautiful and has a perfectly curious cat to make it even better.

Cat Whiskers Clock

Run your life on cat time with this cute cat clock.
Let your life run on cat time with this adorable whiskers wall clock.
Source: Society6

I’ve been late to countless things because a cat fell asleep on my lap and you just can’t disturb a sleepy kitty. With this clock you may not find yourself able to wake a cat that has fallen asleep on you but you’ll at least know how late you are.

While many will read this and think to themselves “this girl is crazy, a crazy crazy cat lady.” I know that my kindred spirits are out there looking for the perfect decor for their purrfect cat friendly home.

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