Forget the eggnog and the moscow mule: for this year’s holidays, the drink of choice is no other than wine hot chocolate! The mix of hot chocolate and red wine is surprisingly delicious, and amazes anyone who tries this tasty combination that works perfectly together. It will immediately get everybody hooked. Check out this spectacular adult cocktail below and how to make it yourself!

The Idea

Sipping wine while eating a chocolate is always good, so why not mix both?
Sipping wine while eating chocolate is always good, so why not mix both? Source: Imma Eat That

Red wine is good. Hot chocolate is good. And believe me, even though your brain must be screaming that these two beverages should not be combined, the result of the mix is absolutely delicious. Boozy hot chocolate is not a new idea, but the addition of red wine is a fairly recent trend. Wondering who came up with this crazy but genius idea?

It first appeared in Imma Eat That a few years ago, but only when Martha Stewart talked about it did it became a craze. After that, many blogs created many variations of the controversial beverage, but it all comes down to the simple combination of your favorite red wine and a tasty hot chocolate.

How To Make It Yourself

It's super easy!
It’s super easy! Source: The Kitchn

It really cannot get any simpler than this:

  1. Make some hot chocolate.
  2. Put some red wine in it.
  3. Add whipped cream or marshmallows on top.
  4. Enjoy it.

Yep, it’s that easy! Oh, and don’t forget to take the Instagram picture, of course.

Those are the basic steps you need to make yourself some of this delightful beverage, but we can always take it to the next level.

Keep reading to find out more great tips and ideas to make the drink even more amazing!

The Hot Chocolate

Everything starts with a good hot chocolate!
Everything starts with a good hot chocolate! Source: NY Times

To make your wine hot chocolate truly special, you need to start with some top-notch hot chocolate.

  • Instead of using cocoa powder, go for real chocolate, which has all the flavor you want. A shaved bittersweet or dark chocolate option is ideal.
  • Warm the chocolate with milk, and add a bit of condensed milk for extra silkiness.
  • Use medium heat to warm the drink.

Of course, your favorite hot chocolate recipe should work just fine combined with red wine! But if you want to try a different recipe than your usual one, here’s one we love:

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Good recipe for any day!
Good recipe for any day! Source: Go Eat and Repeat

This hot chocolate recipe by Go Eat and Repeat adds Nutella to the mix, and it’s perfect to make some wine hot chocolate. After preparing it, simply add your favorite red wine to the mug and top with marshmallows!

The Wine

Spiced wine is perfect for wine hot chocolate!
Spiced wine is perfect for wine hot chocolate! Source: Instagram

You can just add your favorite red wine to the prepared hot chocolate, but, as always, you can take it to the next level with some special wine! And no, I’m not talking about those expensive options. I’m talking about spices!

Surprisingly (or not) mulled wine combines perfectly with hot chocolate, since the spices make the beverage even more unforgettable.

Try mulling the wine with allspice, ancho, and chipotle chiles, to add a little bit of heat in it. If you prefer to follow a recipe, check out this delicious one below:

Slow Cooker Spiced Wine

Mulled wine is also a great holiday hit!
Mulled wine is also a great holiday hit! Source: Well Plated

This spiced wine recipe by Well Plated is perfect to create some red wine hot chocolate! It combines apple cider, honey, orange juice, cinnamon sticks, star anise, and more. When it’s ready, just quickly make some hot chocolate and then mix the two beverages!

Wine Hot Chocolate Recipes

Prefer to follow a tasty recipe rather than try blindly? Then check out these delicious-looking options below:

Red Wine + Dark Chocolate Chunks

Drooling yet?
Drooling yet? Source: Imma Eat That 

If you want a simple recipe that you can easily in just a few minutes, then try this option from Imma Eat That, which is the first red wine hot chocolate we’ve seen. Even though the recipe is quick and easy, it’s still super delicious!

Dry Red Wine + Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Doesn't it look super delicious?
Doesn’t it look super delicious? Source: Wholefully

If you’re a fan of dry wines, then you just have to check out this option by Wholefully. The recipe calls for a little bit of sugar to taste, but you don’t need to add it if you prefer your drinks to be less sweet than usual.

Spiced Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Damn, doesn't this look like the perfect winter drink?
Doesn’t this look like the perfect winter drink? Source: Afternoon Espresso

Want a super delicious red wine hot chocolate recipe to indulge in the winter days to come? Than try this option by Afternoon Espresso. It combines brown sugar, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, condensed milk, and lots of marshmallows for the perfect boozy hot chocolate.

Wine Hot Chocolate with Honey, Cinnamon, and Whipped Cream

Indulge in it!
Indulge in it! Source: Super Golden Bakes

This indulgent wine hot chocolate recipe by Sugar Golden Bakes is everything you’re craving on a lazy cold afternoon: it’s chocolatey, rich, has lots of marshmallows, and whipped cream. Drooling yet?

Have you tried preparing red wine hot chocolate yourself? What’s your opinion on it? Let us know at our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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