Light fixtures are one of the most important elements when decorating, especially when lamps can cast interesting shadows and create a modern and stylish interior design. Ranging from soft and simple shadows to complex installations, these incredible lamps with unexpected shadows have the power to amaze anyone!

Lighting is an essential way to change the mood of a room, especially if you can use dimmers. -Thom Filicia

Laser Cut Wooden Lamps

These spectacular shadows can make any room unforgettable.
These spectacular shadows can make any room unforgettable. Source: Trend Hunter

This intricate sculpture of beauty you see above was designed by Pranaya Design, based in the Czech Republic. To create such an incredible effect, a pair of designers create the shapes digitally on a piece of wood, and then process it on a laser-cutting machine. The pieces are later stained and glued together, creating a beautiful wooden box.

The dark rich wood is the perfect contrast that filters light cleanly out of the laser-cut shapes, showing perfect images without any random nooks and crannies when it’s lit. There are many different designs in the collection, ranging from forests, flowers, and geometric designs.

Forms in Nature

Dreamy and relaxing or just creepy?
Dreamy and relaxing or just creepy? Source: Piodiaz

This remarkable chandelier from Hilden & Diaz is capable of completely transforming a room. Titled Forms In Nature, this light was partly inspired by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, a German biologist and naturalist famous for discovering many new animal species and mapping them to genealogical “tree of life”.

The chandelier has a 360° shadow of trees and roots, creating an effect of surrounding indoor trees, bringing nature into the bedroom. When the lights are dimmed, the feel of a weak fire burning deep in the center of the forest is added to the installation, making it even more special.

Tell me:

What feeling would this fantastic fixture create on you? Does it look relaxing or would it just add a creepy feel to the nightmares? Use the comment section!

Recycled Chandelier

Would you ever think about adding bike parts to your light fixture?
Would you ever think about adding bike parts to your light fixture? Source: iCreativeD

Decorating with bicycles is not such a farfetched idea, but have you ever thought about adding bike parts to your interior design? Or even better, to your light fixture?

Taking upcycling to a whole new level, artists Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock came up with an interesting lamp built entirely out of recycled bike parts, pictured above, which creates spectacular shadows where it’s lit and bringing an awesome steampunk vibe to the space.

Exotic Gourd Lamps

Talk about spectacular shadows, right?
Talk about spectacular shadows, right? Source: Bored Panda

Interesting lighting fixtures can transform and liven up any room, and this intricately hand-carved lamp by Calabarte does exactly that. Can you believe this is made out of a gourd?

The gourds come from African and Asian origins, and are hand-dried to start the process. Then, the designs are made by hand using different sized cutting tools, adding to the dried skin decorative elements, such as:

  • Holes
  • Patterns
  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Etc.

White wood pieces are inlaid to add contrast and opacity, making that beautiful shadow possible.

Etch Web

Web shadows: yay or nay?
Web shadows: yay or nay? Source: In Habitat

Web decorations are common during Halloween, but this gorgeous lamp can cast a dancing web of shadows year-long and still be the focal point of a room.

Designed by Tom Dixon, this golden Etch Light Web is an exploration of mathematics and geometry, and it’s made possible with copper anodized aluminum shade treated with a photo-acid etching process. But most importantly: doesn’t it look breathtaking?


Small, but with a powerful impact.
Small, but with a powerful impact. Source: Rent Cafe

Small lamp, big impact. This spectacular design created by Adam Frank is the perfect night light and shadow projector to create a delicate but super powerful shadow to make any night way more interesting.

The lamp is made of stainless steel sheets cut in shapes of trees or birds, casting a gorgeous shadow on the wall.

And it gets better:

The light fixture is budget friendly, and it comes in two options: either oil-based or with a LED lamp.

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