In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. -Aaron Rose
Interior Home Foyer Chandelier
Chandeliers in the foyer are traditional for a reason but they don't have to be crystal to be stunning! Via Made By Mood.

The ways in which we light our homes has changed dramatically as technology has advanced and we’ve designed new ways to add light. From floors lamps to recessed lighting, the options are seemingly endless...yet nothing compares to the beauty of a classic chandelier. Homeowners have begun turning to chandelier, in both traditional designs and also with a modern twist, to provide warm lighting and visual interest, and not just in the dining room. Chandeliers are popping up in interior design trends in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms! But as stunning as chandeliers can be, one of the tricks is knowing how big a chandelier to use and where to place it, and many homeowners make the mistake of using a too-small or too-large chandelier that can make the room it’s in feel disproportional. We’ve got the tips you need to choose the perfect chandelier for whatever room (or rooms!) you want. Get inspired!

How to Choose the Perfect Chandelier

Living Room Chandelier adorned with circular couch
This ornate chandelier complements the modern style of this living room. Via BGLiving.

Don’t make the mistake of finding a gorgeous chandelier but installing it in a way that takes away from the beauty. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a chandelier:

  •  Use your chandelier as a way to accent light, but remember to incorporate other lighting as well.
  •  Once you choose which room needs a chandelier, measure the room’s length and width. Now add the two measurements together; the resulting number is the diameter you should look for in a chandelier, in inches rather than feet of course. (So, a chandelier with a diameter of at least 25 inches would fit a 10 ft. by 15 ft. room perfectly.) Using a chandelier that’s too small can make the room feel small, too.
  •  For chandeliers over tables, aim for the bottom of the chandelier to fall about 5.5 ft (66 inches) above the floor. That’ll give you the perfect amount of space between the chandelier and table while still allowing the light to help you see your dinner.
  •  Chandeliers that aren’t over tables should allow for at least 6 ft 8 in of space below them (so no one walking under it bumps their head). You can try for 7 ft if you have the space (or if you or your family is tall), and in tall rooms (with 11 ft ceilings or higher), 7.5 ft looks more proportional.
  •  Make sure you keep in mind the rest of your decor when choosing a chandelier design - while you shouldn’t shy away from getting creative and mixing styles, it’s generally better not to mix metals. Go for metals in the same family (a brass chandelier in a room with steel curtain rods can feel really out of place).

Now, with these tips in mind, check out these beautiful lighting choices in every room of the house!

Dining Room

Dining Room table Chandeliers
These chandeliers light the table and complete the look of the room much better than one alone would. Via HGTV.

We couldn’t not put a chandelier in the dining room, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat dinner in a room that feels like an empty, gothic mansion. Instead of the traditional chandelier being the only light over the table, why not try two chandeliers, exactly the same, providing warm lighting for your meals? Each chandelier should have a diameter of about a third of the table’s width; if you have a super long dining table, you could even try three.


Kitchen Chandelier over granite countertops
Using a chandelier over a kitchen island can accent a gorgeous kitchen like this one. Via Draw Home.

Kitchens are great places for chandeliers - up and out of the way, they can complement the style of your workspace, from a traditional kitchen to a rustic feel. Look for ways to incorporate a chandelier over a kitchen island, and complement it with recessed ceiling and under-cabinet lighting.


Bedroom Chandelier, so classy!
Elegance in the bedroom is only enhanced by this chandelier! Via Mike Harrington.

Nothing says classy like a chandelier, and if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your bedroom decor, this might be just the thing. You can find traditional, elegant chandeliers or more whimsical designs - whatever suits your fancy!


Bathroom Chandelier while you soak
Enjoy a spa-like feel in the comfort of your own home! Via Laura London Blog.

If you’ve got the space for it, a chandelier can turn your bathroom into a stunning, at-home spa retreat. Especially complementing a luxurious tub or over the vanity, it’s a great option to create a warm space for endless pampering!

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