Doors are often forgotten when it comes to decor and visual splendor, but you can do a lot to make them stand out and take the show! 

Today we’ll be looking at a collection of simple ideas, from painting to washi tape decoration, that will make your doors a lot more impressive. The thing is, we usually don’t think much of decor when it comes to doors because they often already look OK – unless they’re raw unpainted wood, but that’s rarely the case nowadays.

Regardless, you can always make something work. There might be a door you want to change – your front door is always a nice option, but it can be your bedroom door, bathroom, back door, it’s up to you. We’ll go through a selection of ideas that work well with almost any type of door!

“Believe you can and you're halfway there. – Theodore Roosevelt

1. Total upgrade

total upgrade
This is how to totally upgrade your door. Source: Post Cards From the Ridge

This is pretty much getting the basic out of the way, but we’d be fools to not mention the number #1 way of transforming an old or bland-looking door into a brand new thing – repainting and replacing hinges and locks.

A new coat of paint is usually enough to bring any door to the spotlight, but if we’re talking about an older door (or you just don’t like the look of your current lock and hinges), replacing those parts will bring the entire look together and make it look like an entirely new door.

2. Fancy trim

fancy trim
Often overlooked, the door trim is a subtle but important detail. Source: Net Luxury

The door trim is and always will be part of the look, so it needs just as much attention as the rest of the package.

In most cases simply matching the trim in terms of color is the best idea, since combining different colors between door and trim can be extremely distracting. However, trims themselves may have slightly different looks you can take advantage of!

3. Stained glass

stained glass
Faux stained glass makes for a gorgeous look. Source:  Picgran

This colorful faux stained glass idea opens up a number of possibilities. Note that this is not real stained glass, it’s actually stick-on colored film!

The process of applying it is not the easiest job if you’re not used to it, but you can totally do it by yourself with a decent bit of practice and patience. Better yet, the film is not permanent, so you’re open to change colors or remove it entirely later, if you want.

4. Wallpaper

Wallpapers are easy to install and non-permanent. Source: How About Orange

A great idea for a children’s bedroom door, or simply a flat door that could use some personality. You can apply basically any wallpaper with relative ease, only taking care to glue it properly over the lock.

Wallpapers also have the benefit of being non-permanent, being easily removed or replaced when you feel like changing, so there’s no fear of extra-committing as if you would with a new paint job.

5. One bold color

one bold color
A bold color for a front door looks awesome! Source: HGTV

Sometimes simple is better, and front doors benefit from this immensely. It increases your curb appeal and calls attention to the entrance by creating contrast with the color of your home.

Here are other awesome ideas to improve your curb appeal!

6. Washi tape

washi tape
Washi tape is awesome and we love it! Source: Burlap and Blue

We absolutely love washi tape here. It’s one of the most versatile little decor gimmicks you can use – relatively cheap and easy to find, colorful, ridiculously easy to apply even without practice and it’s non-permanent, making it perfect for experiments!

You can gather the idea from the example above – nothing more than a few strings of washi tape glued over portions of the door, but it makes a noticeable difference. You can take this idea in simple directions depending on your door frame!

7. Sliding door

sliding door
Sliding doors can work wonders and can be customized! Source: The Creativity Exchange

If you already have a sliding door, you can use pretty much any of the previous ideas on it and achieve great results, but you can also consider installing a sliding door on a specific spot – like a corridor entrance or a pantry door!

Need more help with a door? Talk to a handyman today and get free quotes in your area!


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