There are many different kinds of kitchen layouts in homes, almost as many as there are homes. But where to get different kitchen remodel ideas? What would you like to see in your kitchen? What’s your budget like? You can find an idea that works for your home. Here are just a few of the different styles that you can accomplish in the kitchen.

”Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters.” - Gordon Ramsay

The Breakfast Nook

A quaint little seating area for guests and family members
Imagine breakfast in this little beauty. Source: Cynthia Vardan

Here’s the ideal place to enjoy breakfast as a family. With a little breakfast nook, every Sunday breakfast is a time and place to bond and share stories of how your lives are going. It also makes hosting dinner events much easier. This is one of the best kitchen remodel ideas 2018 has to offer.

Rolling Ladder

A rolling kitchen ladder can make everything more accessible
Rolling ladders make the kitchen easier for smaller people. Source: Contemporist

A movable ladder can always make reaching those high areas of your kitchen easier. This is especially important for anyone who has vertical issues. Not only that, but it adds value to the kitchen. This is easily one of the most practical kitchen remodel ideas. With a ladder in the kitchen, nothing is out of reach.

Wooden Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are all the rage nowadays
Enjoy a kitchen island for your home. Source: HGTV

A wooden kitchen island can really make a difference in how your dining area is laid out. Not only that, but they’re becoming the latest in terms of kitchen fashion trends. More still, it’s kitchen remodeling that everyone can enjoy, should you be hosting a party. Equip with bar stools for a completely enjoyable dining experience.

Oven Hood

Another great remodeling idea for the kitchen
Before after pictures are always helpful. Source: Sibbhome

Not only is this addition convenient, it cuts down on smoke traveling to other rooms in your house. Plus it looks great in the kitchen. Having an oven hood is one of the best things you can do for your kitchen. It’s certainly one of the more striking kitchen remodel ideas before and after pictures can show. Turn on the vent for added protection from smoke damage.

Vintage Decor in the Kitchen

Retro style of the 1950's today
The sleek design from the 50's. Source: NH Home Mag

There’s just something about retro design decor that seems to resonate with people. The sleek red look is a staple in American culture, and perhaps the history behind the look was that in the 1950s the world was electrifying everything, which is where we get a lot of modern appliances. There are many 1950s kitchen remodel ideas, so see what works for you.

Some fun ideas for retro decor are:

  • Sleek red chairs
  • Same colored table
  • Vintage streamline kitchen timer
  • “Eat here” sign
  • Antique radio
  • Coca-Cola signs
  • 50’s ketchup and mustard dispensers
  • 50’s napkin dispensers
  • Kit Kat Clock
  • Old timey breadbox
  • Clasped, glass milk jug

Kitchen Backsplash

A blue drop background for the kitchen
The backsplash looks like a great addition. Source: Housebeautiful

One of the latest fashion trends in modern kitchens, the backsplash is becoming more and more popular. You can use subway tiles, like the image above, or use smaller acrylic tiles, natural stone, even wallpaper. Kitchen backsplashes are very open to interpretation. Also they are certainly one of the most popular kitchen remodel ideas available today.

Want to know what kitchen remodeling might cost you? Looking for ideas in terms of remodeling? Contact a professional contractor today!

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