One of the fastest growing trends in affordable pool options is the stock-tank pool. This simple design is becoming very popular in rustic settings and for low cost housing. Moreover, it can keep you and your family cool for a low cost and minimal maintenance. This article is all about stock-tank pools and what they mean to you. Read on for tips and ideas on stock-tank pools.

”I grew up watching 'Superman.' As a child, when I first learned to dive into a swimming pool, I wasn't diving, I was flying, like Superman. I used to dream of rescuing a girl I had a crush on from a playground bully.” - Tom Hiddleston

Simplicity Is Key

The best stock-tank pools have to offer
An above ground stock-tank pool is a fine addition to any home. Source: Country Living

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter. All you need with a stock-tank is a pump, a flat surface, and water. A stock-tank pool is simply an easy, low-cost, low-maintenance way to enjoy a pool in your backyard without the work or hassle.

Because it was originally meant to feed farm animals, it’s at the perfect height for your family dog to join in the fun as well. No matter how big your family is, stock-tank pools can provide lots of fun recreation this summer. There are lots of design options as well, including:

  • Open above ground pool
  • In-ground deep stock-tank
  • Water pond feature
  • Waterfall feature
  • Hanging umbrella design
  • Porch-to-pool plank
  • A porch built around the pool
  • Natural stone walkway

Low Maintenance

Some stock tank pools are made from plastic
Not all stock tanks have to be galvanized metal. Some are plastic. Source: YouTube

All man made bodies of water need to be looked after. A normal 12 foot stock-tank pool has a very low maintenance cost, but it is still a factor. To avoid things like algae and sludge buildup, regular cleaning and chlorine is needed. Otherwise there are a few other things to look after. Here’s how to combat the most common maintenance issues in a stock-tank pool.

Trendy and Affordable

Little kids love the stock tank pool!
Kids are just the right height. Source: Embracing Motherhood

The two gigantic benefits of stock-tank pools are that they are seeing a rise in popularity in American homes, largely in part because they are so affordable. At around roughly $350 per tank, they’re a great alternative to installing an entire pool and work just as well. With a little bit of customization, they can even be better than an expensive install job. You can always put in a stock tank pool heater to turn it into a Jacuzzi.

Different Ideas for Set-up

It doesn't have to be overly lavish to get the job done.
A small deck can help, but isn't required. Source: Front Cover

Of course, because the design is so simple, there are many ways to go about setting up your pool in the backyard. This is especially true for a plastic stock-tank pool. If you’re looking for new and unique ideas, look no further, this list has you covered. Here are some set-up designs.

  • Ladder for kids
  • Stone paver walkway
  • Copper rim (purifies water)
  • Rock garden decor around pool
  • Umbrella
  • Heater
  • Jets
  • Swing above pool

Summer DIY Project

Fun for the whole family
The whole clan can benefit from a stock pool. Source: Embracing Motherhood

Last but not least, making a stock-tank pool ready for use can be a fun summer project that you can do yourself. All you need is the tank, some free time, and your imagination. Coming up with DIY ideas to add to stock-tank pools is a great summer project that certainly gives you something to do over the season.

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