Craft projects are always fun, more so when summer is a theme. If you’re into paint, string, or colorful beads, you can find something that will suit your craftiness. Here are some summer projects for kids and adults that will keep everyone busy.

”Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” - Sam Keen

Melted Bead Suncatchers

Easy and petty sun catchers
Lots of pretty colors catching the light. Source: YouTube

Want to make an awesome DIY suncatcher out of beads? It’s super easy! Here’s what you do:

  1. Purchase beads
  2. Place beads artistically in glass
  3. Melt beads with a small blowtorch
  4. Punch a hole in the top of the now dry suncatcher
  5. Thread the hole with ribbon, and hang in your home

Congratulations! You’ve successfully made a melted bead suncatcher. These little additions make for perfect summer DIY room decor. You can also do different designs like:

  • Sun
  • Flower
  • Snowflake
  • Circles
  • Spirals
  • Rainbow
  • Stars
  • Horseshoes
  • Clovers

Denim Cutoffs Wine Bag

This is definitely one of the cuter summer DIY projects out there. With just a little bit of sewing skill, you can make a wine bag out of a denim pant leg and just a little elbow grease. This will allow for easy transport and more memorable beach experiences. Well, depending on how much wine was drunk.

Pool Noodle Luminaries

A pool noodle has never been so romantic
Repurposed pool toys can be a thing. Source: Hip2save

Really all you need for this one are some pool noodles cut up into wider-than-tall slices, LED candles, and a pool. This is one of the best summer DIYs 2018 has to offer. These makeshift candles can light up the pool at night, providing a cheery summer atmosphere, providing for some unique pool games, or simply being an inexpensive way to create a romantic pool setting. No matter what the case, DIY pool candles can make a great summer spectacular.

Make Your Own Sunscreen

No, really. Just melt down some coconut oil and shea butter, then combine it with beeswax and zinc powder. Store in an airtight jar and it will stay good for about a month. It cuts out all the harmful chemicals in commercial sunscreens and is just one of our more fiscally responsible summer DIY projects. Works like a charm.

Driftwood Mirror

The much beloved driftwood mirror
Have one in your home. Source: City Farmhouse

This has been online for quite some time now, because it’s relatively inexpensive to make and adds a lot of character to any room. Moreover, it’s the perfect piece for summer DIY room decor.

Simply gather driftwood for free down by the beach, dry the pieces out, take a circular mirror, and affix the pieces to the mirror. The driftwood mirror will have many people thinking you bought it in a store.

Summer Wreaths

Any good DIYer’s home will have at least one seasonal wreath, so why not make that a summer wreath? This can be one of those all summer long projects that stay up until the season is finally over. Feel free to decorate using seashells, Americana designs, or even woven fabrics.

Fun Canvas Art for Kids

Easy art that hangs well anywhere in the house
All you need is some paint and tape. Source: Ninered

A great indoor project (for when the days just get too hot out there) is to make masking tape canvas art. It’s one of the easiest summer DIY projects you can do, to the point where you can set it up and just hand it over to the kids. Just take your canvas, apply masking tape in strategic positions, and instruct the children to paint away. Polka dots, stripes, block colors, nothing can be too much or too little for contemporary art.

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